The Global Payments & Bank
Reconciliation solution that we use with
Cashbook has enabled us to reduce
dramatically the number of bank
accounts and time taken to complete
payment runs. Our bank reconciliation
process across Europe runs smoothly
and we know what our cash balances are
all the time. We’ve done an AR Drafts
project in France, Bank Statement
Upload process for 20+ accounts, payroll
file imports across Europe, new project
implementation called Global Payments
for our European payments - all in the
last 18 months. The people at Cashbook
are an extension of Formica’s IT
infrastructure and true partners in
Formica’s search for more efficiency in
cash processing.

Siobhan Brown, Formica Europe Accounts
Executive- UK.
Greg Coulter – Managing Director
Greg came to Cashbook Ltd with a background in finance, marketing
and sales gained from working at Effem Foods in New Zealand (part
of Mars Corporation). Greg holds a 1st Class Honours degree in
Economics and Finance from the University of Otago in New Zealand
and is a CIMA qualified Accountant.
Greg joined Software Architects
International as a Financial Consultant in 1999. He completed
implementations of the Cashbook product suite in England, The
Netherlands, America, Belgium, Ireland, Germany and Switzerland. In
2001 he was promoted to the role of Account Manager for all customers.
Since 2002 Greg has held the role of Managing Director or CEO of
Cashbook Ltd. Greg led the management buyout of the Cashbook
business from Clarus corporation forming the company Cashbook Ltd.

Martin Whelan – Technical Director (v4 & v5)
Martin came to Cashbook Ltd with twenty-two years experience of IT
development gained in finance, manufacturing and distribution
environments. Previous positions include senior technical consultant
for Altergo Business Systems, project leader for BP chemicals,
Technical Consultant for the UK post office cash group and Software
Engineer at Woolworth’s plc. Martin joined Software Architects
International as a senior software engineer 1998. He has been
responsible for technical enhancements to the Cashbook product and
also implemented customer specific requirements in Europe, Asia
and Australia. Martin became Cashbook Ltd’s Technical Director or
CTO of Cashbook Ltd in 2002 and was personally involved in the
development of Version 4 and Version 5. Martin has a keen interest
in new technologies and their application within real world applications.

Con O’Donnell – Director (Technical v4)
Con came to Cashbook Ltd with 15 years experience of IS department
management, and system design and implementation within the
medical device industry, primarily with fortune 500 company C.R.Bard.
Con joined Cashbook Ltd in 1999 as a senior software engineer. In
that time he has supported existing Cashbook system components,
both in the office and at multiple customer sites across Europe. Con
has also re-designed and developed Cashbook modules such as
Draft Management, Direct Debits, Excel Lockbox, Bank and Customer
Lockbox’s. Con has incorporated many new technologies into the
existing software solution.

Mary O’Brien – Product Development Director
Mary O'Brien came to Cashbook Ltd with a background in Finance.
Qualified as a Certified Public Accountant in 1992 and has over 12
years experience in all areas of Accountancy with a small/medium
Accountants Firm in Ireland. Mary joined Cashbook Ltd in 1999 as
a Product Support Consultant. She worked with the Customer
Services team and also on the Product QA team for 7 months, then
progressed to the Client Solutions team and has since completed
implementations in United Kingdom, Ireland, France, Germany,
Netherlands, Belgium, Italy, and Canada. Mary takes a hands-on
role in specific customer implementations and leads new Product
Development from a functional perspective.

Harry Hughes – Director Implementations
Harry Hughes came to Cashbook Ltd with a long career in finance
and systems work. He qualified from CIMA in 1997 and has over 25
years experience in all areas of Accountancy and finance. Harry
joined Cashbook Ltd in 1998 to work initially in Implementations.
He became heavily involved in Quality Assurance of many different
R&D projects but in 2001 returned to consultancy. He has become
a senior Project Manager successfully completing projects and training
in Switzerland, the United Kingdom, France, Germany, and Netherlands,
Currently Harry is involved in leading consultancy services and takes a
hands-on role in ongoing Product Implementations.

Marian Shanahan – Finance Director
Marian joined Cashbook Ltd in May of 1995 with 15 years
experience of work in various areas of finance. In March
of 1998 she was promoted to the role of Finance Manager of the
company Cashbook Ltd. Prior to joining Cashbook Ltd she worked
with Dell Computers in Limerick. She is now the Finance Director of
Cashbook Ltd and responsible for all Accounts Receivable, Payable
and Statuatory Filings.
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