Webinar Archive

Webinar Archive

Cashbook regularly holds free webinars on a variety of useful cash management topics ranging
from 'A Guide to Bank Reconciliation' to 'Automatic Cash Application'.

Below are webinars that are free watch now or download and watch later.

If you would like to see a webinar on a specific Cashbook module or cash management topic,
please contact Robert:
Significantly improve your company's cash
application and reconciliation
July 17th 2013
Automating cash application is dependent
upon bank lockbox or bank statement

As ACH is continuing to grow in North American
and few companies provide ACHCTX
information there is a growing requirement to
store and automate remittance advices

Join us as we present a business improvement
process that will help your company massively
increase your auto-matching and store, save
and automate customer remittances from
sources such as PDF, Excel and EDI.
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Automate EDI-820
Sept 13th 2012
EDI-820 remittance advice is generated
automatically by the world's largest companies,
and yet often their vendors are still manually
entering the payments and coding deductions.  
ERP system limitations prevent automating this
manual process, without difficult custom

Join us as we present a business improvement
process that will achieve 90 - 95% straight
through processing of EDI-820 remittances
without reliance upon custom programming.
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The A-Z of Processing and Reconciling
your Bank Statements
April 27th 2012
Some companies rely on manual entry for the
process of allocating cash. For small
businesses it may be fine to tie up resources
for a few minutes on allocating cash, however
for companies with multiple bank accounts or
multiple banks, it may be worth exploring ways
to automate this process. Learn about the
types of data found in bank statements and
more importantly, how to automate them.
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Retail Store Cash Reconciliation Webinar
March 7th 2012
Auto-reconciling cash received versus cash
booked with multiple retail locations is a
business problem that no ERP system has
adequately solved. This demonstration goes
through the list of issues and resolutions for
retail reconciliations.
This presentation will be based on strategies
used by Cashbook to drive over 100% cash
reconciliation productivity gains at a major
restaurant chain with multiple store locations.
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Swift MT940 Webinar
Febuary 10th 2012
Often times multi-national corporations achieve
automation rates exceeding 65% straight
through processing when working with North
American bank lockbox BAI2 file format.  These
same corporations achieve very low
automation that can be as low as 20% when
processing European MT940 file format.

Click to view our MT940 webinar that will show
you how to address the key problems that are
stopping you from automating your
MT940 bank statements across Europe
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Solve your Remittance Automation
December 15th 2011
Often times with bank statement files and even
lockbox files there is key information missing
from the data. Consider when a bank
statement with 140 characters of information
per payment is imported into your system.  
There is no way if your customer is paying 500
invoices that you will be able to auto-apply
your cash. There is simply not enough
information in the data file to find the
appropriate invoices.
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