Cashbook v4 is available for all customers currently using IBM's AS400 and iSeries platforms.

The Solution:

The solution works in the highly respected Green-Screen (5250) environment which ensures
rapid transaction entry and processing across single or multiple company environments.

Original Cashbook Green-Screen:

The original Cashbook Green-Screen solution (V1) dates back to 1992. Cashbook v4 was
launched in December 2003 after several years development. The solution removed Cashbook’s
dependencies with specific ERP versions.

Cashbook v4.1 was generally released in July 2005 and includes numerous product

Cashbook v4.2 w
as available on general release from April 1st 2007. This release incorporates
all the modules in the Solutions page (with the exception of Cash Dashboard and Cash
Forecasting, which are specific to Cashbook v5).


Cashbook v4 is aimed at user groups on IBM's AS400 and iSeries platforms.
Cashbook v4 is completely completely integrated with BPCS, MAPICS, PRMS, JD Edwards and
other selected AS400 solutions.

(For BPCS customers, Cashbook v4 has been deployed to date on BPCS versions 2, 3, 4.05,
4.05CD, 5, 6.02, 6.04, 6.1, 6.1.01, 8.0, 8.1 and V8.2.) Cashbook v4 can also be integrated with
data sources that do not reside on the AS400 (Oracle, SQL Server etc.).

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"The new version of Cashbook is really
an improvement to the old Cashbook. It
is a much more stable program, and a
user friendly product"

Margreet Peverelli – Cashbook User, Skiffy
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