Cashbook v5 is our latest offering launched in November 2006 and incorporates over 450,000
hours of development in the Cash Management

Cashbook v5 includes all of the modules described in detail in our
Solutions Pages.
Cashbook v5 is an extremely simple solution based upon the creation of Cash and Bank Journals
with the ability to handle numerous types of transactions.

There are three levels to a Cashbook Journal: a Journal Header, Journal Detail and Invoice level.
These three levels are used across Bank Lockbox Journals, Customer Lockbox Journals,
Electronic Payments, Customer Direct Debits, Excel or EDI customer file feeds, AR and AP Drafts
and many other transactions.

The simplicity of our solution enables Cashbook to be rapidly interfaced directly with numerous  
ERP systems. There is specific information we need in interfacing with a new ERP system. This
information includes invoice file information, bank file information, general ledger posting
routines, customer/vendor master files, tax, exchange rate and general ledger fil


Cashbook v5 can be set up to work on all platforms so long as JDBC drivers exist to facilitate
access to the underlying databases.

Where direct access is not enabled Cashbook can accommodate staging databases.
To date Cashbook v5 has been implemented on the following database platforms: Microsoft SQL
Server, Oracle, DB2 and IBM Cloudscape.
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