Cashbook is an ERP System add-on focused on cash processing and reconciliation that provides
best of breed functionality to a range of ERP systems. We are 100% focused on providing closer
ERP-to-bank interfaces and integration.

Cashbook provides a range of ERP and bank interfaces
; the key interfaces are:

Bank Statement Upload – any bank format can be uploaded and automatically matched to
open invoices on accounts receivable and have payments posted to payment in transit accounts
or manual payments posted directly to general ledger accounts. The bank statement upload
process is also fundamental for our integrated Bank Reconciliation solution.

Bank Lockbox Upload – any bank lockbox file can be uploaded into Cashbook and then
automatically processed into the ERP system. We can handle short payments, deductions, over-
payments, bank charges, customer payments for groups of customers
and inter-company cash

Electronic Payment  – also, we have completed over 100 international payment formats
solution from around the world. We have an integrated BACSTEL-IP and a SEPA compliant
solution with full IBAN capability. We have completed ACH payment files for over 20 USA banks.

Positive Payment Files - We have created positive payment files for numerous USA banks.

Direct Debit Files – a direct debit file can be created directly from ERP data to be uploaded into
banking software. These files include all necessary banking information to enable the banks to
collect money from your customers accounts (assuming approval has already been granted for
this process)

Draft Management Files AP & AR – In France, Spain & Italy we have created draft files that
comply with local banking rules. These files include all the necessary draft information from your

New ERP Interfaces - Having spent years interfacing with ERP systems and dealing with
numerous complexities in relation to file structures and new data we have in-built within our
solution the ability to easily and simply “map” data from a new ERP system into Cashbook files.
The “mapping” can come from one ERP system and version or multiple ERP systems and
versions. Once Cashbook processes the data and a journal is then posted we utili
se standard
ERP posting routines to update the appropriate files. We make our product seamless
with the
System, adding functionality and reducing complexity.
Over 165 bank formats
at your fingertips...
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