LX is Cashbook’s fastest growing ERP interface system. With Cashbook’s formal partnership with
Infor we are now implementing our product in multiple countries and divisions around the world.
We are the official LX partner for electronic banking, cash application, payables and

Cashbook AR Value Proposition:

Cashbook has alternative auto-cash functionality to LX. We offer a single entry point for all cash
application that speeds up processing no matter what country or bank you are operating with.

  • Ability to split cash across multiple customers in a single journal line
  • Deductions/Debit Notes/Credit Notes/GL Write Offs are also possible through a single
    journal line
  • Deductions can be coded to specific deduction codes for analysis
  • Full Sorting functionality by invoice, deduction, invoice date (any field in the RAR file)
  • Over 10 different algorithms with 12 different properties making the permutations of
    implementations enormous. For customers this means full flexibility and control of auto-
    matching criteria
  • Auto-matching based upon invoice numbers, sales orders, purchase orders and part
  • Partial payments, over-payments allowed on closed invoices
  • Automatic calculation of gain/loss on exchange
  • Configurable postings on AR sub-ledger and General Ledger
  • Ability to view remittances while in allocation screen
  • Excel, EDI & PDF uploads with algorithms attached
  • Auto-creation of deduction codes when auto-creating customer generated deductions
  • Integration with MT940 and BAI2 files for over 50 banks
  • Draft Management and Direct Debit functionality
  • Journal reversing for bounced checks
  • Customer information listing recent payment information
  • Excel outputs of customer invoice information
  • Ability to post cash across companies

Cashbook looks directly at the
RAR files of LX and writes records directly to the RAR file. RP
records are created each time a payment is completed and/or
RD/RC records for debit/credit
notes. All general ledger postings are completed in Cashbook via
Batch Transaction
updating GJW or GBH/GBL records. We post Cashbook Journal & Line information
directly into the ACR Subledger & General Ledger for audit reasons.

Cashbook AP Value Proposition:

  • Ability to pay multiple companies in a single payment selection
  • Ability to pay multiple currencies and banks in a single payment selection
  • De-select on vendors, invoices, partial payments and pro-forma invoices
  • Ability to take into account bank charges on payments
  • Analysis of Vendors payment amounts, trends, and statistics
  • Ability to link vendor payments with treasury requirements for more cash visibility
  • Cheque printing and internal Cashbook cheque register
  • Reversals capabilities that will re-open closed invoices
  • Transmission function to batch a number of payment runs into a single payment batch
  • SEPA credit transfers

Cashbook looks directly at the
APH & APL files of LX. When payments are completed in
Cashbook we write payment records directly to the
AMH & AML files. All general ledger postings
are completed in Cashbook via
Batch Transaction Processing updating GJW or GBH/GBL
records. We post Cashbook Journal & Line information directly into the ACP Subledger &
General Ledger for audit reasons.

Bank Reconciliation Value Proposition:

Cashbook has given LX bank reconciliation functionality by downloading GL postings into one
central location. The GL data can then be dynamically compared to incoming bank statements
from any global location. Below is a list of our products features:

  • Auto-matching of bank statements to cash balances
  • Search/Sort capability of both cash and bank transactions
  • Cash and Bank balances stored within Cashbook
  • Unpresented cash transactions functionality
  • Create journals functionality
  • Write-off functionality
  • Bank Statement transactions can be coded to specific ledger accounts
  • Many to One, One to Many, Many to Many transaction matching
  • Undo option
  • Reconciliation reporting

Cashbook pulls in payment information from
GHH files and GLH files. This information is then
compared with incoming bank statements that can be automatically uploaded or manually
entered. The reconciliation data is all stored within Cashbook files.


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LX ERP Integration

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This will be a big time saver for our
business. In addition to the product
installed, we appreciate the continued
product support afterwards in working
through minor issues that cropped up.

Rene Stasiak, AR Controller,Atlas Copco
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