MAPICS is an ERP system we first integrated with in 2004. We have a huge value proposition for
all companies using MAPICS.

MAPICS Versions Supported:


AR Value Proposition:

Cashbook enhances your cash application functionality. We offer a single entry point for all cash
processing that gives users the ability to quickly and easily enter cash. Cashbook uses MAPICS
Legacy Bridge System to post to the IFM transaction files. MAPICS provides the Legacy Bridge
System to allow you to submit transactions to IFM from other systems other to MAPICS XA. The
Legacy Bridge System validates each Cashbook transaction and posts those transactions
without errors and flags those with errors.
Cashbook can post across multiple MAPICS
environment or a single MAPICS environments making Cashbook the single entry poi
for all your cash application.

Cashbook looks directly at the MAPICS transaction file(YAARREP) to determine open
transactions which cash can be applied. These open transactions can be selected by the user or
algorithms can be run to automatically select open transactions for posting. During the Cashbook
posting processes the following Legacy Bridge system files are update UAGYCPP, UAG4CPP,
UAG6CPP, UAGZCPP. Validation is performed(AM5LSBUPC) and those transactions without
errors are posted to IFM. Cashbook also provides the ability to post unallocated cash (this is
where the customer has been identified) but not allocated against particular invoices. Again the
Legacy Bridge System is used to post these transactions. Miscellaneous Cash (non AR
transactions) can also be posted through Cashbook and using the Legacy Bridge System the
relevant IFM transaction files are updated.

Cashbook reports are produced at posting and can be produced interactively so the user can
identify clearly all open transactions to which cash has been applied.

Bank Reconciliation Proposition:

Cashbook offers a single entry point for all cash processing that gives users the ability to quickly
and easily enter cash. We also facilitate imports from bank statements to enable users to
automatically match their bank data with system data.We have a number of reports surrounding
our bank reconciliation process that will give tremendous confidence to your internal and external


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MAPICS ERP Integration

"With the assistance of Cashbook, we
have been able to reduce the amount of
time it takes to apply cash by 50%."

Karen Snyder, Cash Application Supervisor,
Exide Technologies
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