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Thank you for 10 years of success!
Cashbook thanks its customers for making the last 10
years a runaway success

Looking back at the buyout of Cashbook by the six
Directors in 1992, one would not have anticipated the
change over the ten years to follow.
Cashbook signs global software deal
Cashbook to attend INFOR Roadshow
October 2012
Cashbook is looking forward to another successful
Infor customer & partner roadshow which will be held
in Frankfurt, Paris & London during the month of
October. The 2012 event will be focused on how
companies can best exploit ‘new disruptive business
strategies’ as part of the INFOR software portfolio.
Cashbook signs global software deal
SEPA Deadline Highlights the need
for Integration to Payments Initiative
October 2012
The Single Euro Payments Area (SEPA) is the
payments integration initiative of the European Union
for simplification and harmonisation of bank transfers.
As of March 2012, SEPA consists of the 27 EU
Member States plus the four members of the EFTA
(Iceland, Liechtenstein, Norway and Switzerland) and a
remaining country Monaco. Croatia should join the
SEPA not later than becoming a member of the
European Union on 1st July 2013.
Cashbook signs global software deal
10 Questions on your Automatic
Cash Application - White Paper
September 2012
Applying cash from customers to invoices is of vital
importance for any company. When done poorly, this
will have massive flow-on affects for a company. Poor
cash application automation means wasting resources
all through the company. This white paper asks 10
importance questions about your cash application
method and provides detailed information to ensure
that you find the best solution for your needs.
Cashbook signs global software deal
'It's All About the Customer'
August 2012
Cashbook has evolved in recent years to manage its
commercial environment from primarily a client
The last 12 months has witnessed a dramatic
expansion in the use of the Cashbook software suite
by both Cashbook’s existing client base and through
the signing of new client global deals.
Cashbook signs global software deal
Cashbook signs Global Software deal
June 2012
Cashbook is pleased to announce further success
through its partnership with Infor.  A key player in the
Automotive Sector has just signed a Global Deal to
use Cashbook’s Global Electronic Payments, Cash
Automation & Lockbox Technology.  
Cashbook signs global software deal
Cashbook Renews Oracle Gold
May 2012
2012 marks the third year of Cashbook being an
Oracle Gold Partner.

Gold Partnership with Oracle provides Cashbook with
an optimum set of tools to better develop and work
with Oracle solutions.
Cashbook partners with AFEX –
Associated Foreign Exchange to
provide foreign exchange
transactions to Cashbook clients
April 2012
Cashbook clients can now manage all FX dealings
through a proven network of offices and market
leading FX pricing portal. This ensures that clients can
manage and protect all currency dealings with one
integrated solution.
Since 1979, AFEX has assisted clients in protecting
profits from currency exposure.
AFEX facilitates the daily processing of foreign
exchange transactions in over 200 countries in just
about every business category.
Entity Security, MT940 Bank Uploads
& Additional Functionality
January 2012
Cashbook Software has had security on actions for a
long time at transaction and action level and recently,
after listening to the feedback given to us by our
users, we’ve added Entity Security into our system. In
short, this means that unless you are given permission
within the Entity Security feature to view journals,
customers, GL codes and bank accounts etc, you
cannot view them.
Cashbook Logo gets a modern
January 2012
Cashbook has been in operation in Limerick, Ireland
for over 20 years designing and implementing cash
application, electronic banking and bank reconciliation
software for Blue Chip/Fortune 500 companies
worldwide. During this time, the globe icon became
synonymous with the company and its financial
software suite.
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"Cashbook has served us very well for
over 10 years for Direct Debit Collections
and Cash Application."

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