A Draft is essentially a promise to pay a certain amount on a certain day in the future – it is
comparable to a post-dated check. LCR (letter de change releve) or BOR (Billet à ordre relevé)
or Bill of Exchange or Promissory Note are key parts of  France and Southern European
countries day-to-day cash processing.

The AP Draft Management module allows users to create AP drafts in Cashbook, modify the
evolution of the draft’s status which is a key feature of drafts, and send draft files in electronic
format directly to the bank (similar to sending an electronic credit or debit file to the bank).

Cashbook AP Draft Management removes many of the manual processes associated with paper
drafts. The solution was also designed for pan-European corporations to replace local country
solutions. This facilitates the adoption of a common platform, data and process model across the
business and ensures continuity in corporate software systems solutions.


This Cashbook Drafts module is fully integrated with the company’s ERP system. Creation of
drafts is driven directly from the AP data in the ERP. The module permits:

  • Creation of drafts from open AP invoices
  • Formatting of drafts for local bank requirements
  • Transmitting an electronic draft to the bank
  • Manual printing of drafts is also accommodated receiving completed transactions on the
    bank statement
  • available in local languages
  • In the module drafts can be tracked through multiple status levels to maturity. Appropriate
    accounting entries are made to the ERP system at each status point, including the ability
    to reverse or dishonour individually drafts, essentially reversing all previously posted
    accounting entries and subsystem records
  • This module can be integrated with any bank accepting AP drafts either manually or
  • Ideally suited for European Shared Service Center operations who need to cater for
    specific country requirements


  • Greater Cashflow control
  • Meets specific demand of French and Southern European operations through a central
  • Replaces high-maintenance local country solutions
  • Provides management with visibility of Drafts Outstanding
  • Automates the paper-shuffling component of drafts into clearly-defined user steps
  • Accelerates the daily processing times needed for drafts
  • Eliminates keying errors
The new version of Cashbook is really
an improvement to the old Cashbook.
It is a much more stable program, and a
user friendly product.

Margreet Peverelli – Cashbook User, Skiffy

BOR/LCR Drafts Payable

AP Draft Management

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