Since 1999 we have implemented
Cashbook solutions in approximately 18
sites across Europe. We have found
Cashbooks team of consultants to be
diligent and effective in implementing
their solutions.

Richard Larter, IT Director, Autobar Group,
EMEA - Customer since 1999
Pay vendors and employees electronically directly from your ERP system for any bank or
currency combination.

The Electronic Payments module can be used for domestic payments, foreign payments or
indeed payments in multiple business units spread across different countries.

Based on payment runs completed in your ERP system, this module allows you to select
payments to be paid electronically. The selection can be done for all payments that would be
used in a shared service center or sub-selections based on: vendor number, invoice date, or
individual invoices. Cashbook formats the payment file generated from your ERP into the
appropriate bank format and transmits this file to your financial institution.

We have payment formats for over 75 different banks around the world. Some of the more
familiar formats we have worked with include


  • Can be adapted for any Bank globally
  • Standard payment process no matter what bank/currency or ERP System you are using
  • BACSTEL-IP compliant software
  • IBAN (International Bank Account Number) & non-IBAN payment formats can be generated
  • Complete audit trail provided including User Profile, date and time stamps.
  • Auditable security surrounding vendor/employee bank account details
  • Integrated with Cashbook Bank Reconciliation Module & Automatic Email Remittance
  • Multiple sites, environments or ERP systems can be catered for


  • Cost savings from electronic payments have been shown to be valued at USD $1.70 per
    transaction for electronic payments vs check printing (NACHA 2003)
  • Global companies can employ a global solution for all sites across multiple different banks
  • Automated processing of data reduces manual entry and consequently reduces the
    possibility of fraud and increases financial control
  • Elimination of manual effort allows companies to allocate more staff time to other higher-
    value activities
  • Reduce paper printing and transportation costs of delivering cheques thereby reducing
    your company’s carbon footprint
  • Your vendors/employees expect electronic payments and sending payments via cheque is
    seen as out-dated and unprofessional

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Electronic Payments Directly from your ERP System

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