This module is deployed by companies who want to move away from paper-based remittance
processing. It provides a smooth, simple interface which can significantly reduce cost for A/P

Payment remittance advices can be sent to suppliers or to employees for expenses. Emails are
generated based on the payment data approved in the originating system (ERP System or in
some cases a separate Payroll application). Emails are sent directly to the payee listing all
relevant payment details, bank account and processing information.


  • Comes with Standard Cashbook Email Template Layout
  • Layout can also be customised to include specific reference data
  • Uses payment data from one or multiple sources (ERP System, Payroll application)
  • Multi-lingual configurable remittance text (based on country code of payee)
  • Email selection, generation and transmission steps integrate seamlessly with your existing
    payment process
  • Works across multiple companies, currencies and environments
  • Platform-independent, connecting to any email server
  • Can be used as a standalone application or with Cashbook Electronic Payments


  • Removes cost associated with purchase and storage of paper-based remittance advice
    note stock (paper and envelope)
  • Removes cost associated with printing, stuffing and dispatch of paper-based remittance
    advice notes
  • Removes cost of postage
  • Delivers timely, accurate payment detail directly to payees (suppliers and employees)
  • Eliminates role of intermediary services (such as national or international postal delivery as
    well as internal mailrooms on both ends)
  • Improves service delivery to suppliers and reduces time spent handling supplier queries by

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Issue Payment Remittance Advices via Email

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