"The new version of Cashbook is really
an improvement to the old Cashbook. It
is a much more stable program, and a
user friendly product"

Margreet Peverelli – Cashbook User, Skiffy
Cashbook bank interfaces enable us to integrate with banks from around the world. We are truly
bank independent which has great benefit to people who purchase our software.

We enable customers to "plug in" to new banks as and when required. The bank interface is the
only change to our software when working in a new country or with a new bank. This provides our
customers with a great deal of flexibility in their business operations.

We are constantly seeking to grow our list of bank interfaces as we extend our product into new
markets around the world. For us there are 3 main types of bank interfaces: Payment formats
enable electronic payments, Credit formats enable funds to be automatically collected from
customers, Bank Statement and Lockbox interfaces are used for feeding bank reconciliations
and Automatic AR allocations. Below you will see a list of the banks that we have interfaced with
and the corresponding type. In total we now have over 160 different bank interfaces worldwide
and this list is continually growing.
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BPCS ERP Cash Management Software
JDE ERP Cash Management Software
MAPICS ERP Cash Management Software
LX ERP Cash Management Software
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Integrate with Banks from Around the World

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ERP Bank Interface Integration

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