For over four years, Cashbook has met
our Benelux requirements and has
proven to be very useful in the German

Leo Doffer, Elephant & Dental (Dentsply),
Netherlands - Customer since 1999
The Automated Bank Statement Upload module takes transaction details directly from your bank
account and uploads them electronically into y
our ERP System.

This data can then be used in Cashbook for: automated A/R matching and postings, automated
bank reconciliation when matched against cash transactions and Cash Dashboard information
for real-time bank balances.


  • Module allows you to upload bank transaction information on an as-need basis
  • Transactions are permanently available at the bank source.  Making these transactions
    available in your ERP system involves creating a file with the transactions and then making
    file available anywhere on your network for processing by Cashbook
  • Direct connections with bank systems can also be facilitated
  • Over 60 different bank interfaces available
  • Each statement uploaded creates a journal and can be used for a variety of purposes:
    automated A/R matching, bank reconciliation, dashboard update


  • Eliminates the need for manual entry of transactions
  • Data is available quickly in your system at crunch moments in the reporting calendar
  • Improved data quality: uploading information directly from the bank reduces the likelihood
    for data inconsistencies
  • Quantity of data you can handle increases proportionately: your processing time does not
    increase incrementally with transaction numbers.  It takes roughly the same time to
    electronically load a statement with 100 transactions as it does to load a statement with
    1000 transactions
  • Ensures Bank independence as your business evolves. Changing bank simply means
    changing the bank interface while the business process continues uninterrupted

Upload your Bank Account Details Directly to your ERP

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