The Cashbook AR Lockbox module is
now working very well and cutting our
time tremendously. Compared to the old
process it has saved us in excess of
50%. It is a very positive asset.

Kurt Snyder, Credit Manager, Da Lite, USA -
Customer since 2006

Reconcile Between Cashbook and your General Ledger

This Cashbook module allows companies to reconcile Cashbook journal entry data with specific
general ledger codes or segments.

In simplest terms it is a reconciliation between Cashbook and your General Ledger. Data is
generated on the cash side of the reconciliation by downloading data from the appropriate
accounts receivable and accounts payable subledgers or from posting journals through
Cashbook. This information is compared directly to specific general ledger accounts and auto-
matching is completed.

The Cash to GL Reconciliation module has a powerful matching engine that allows users to
automate the process of reconciling transactions. This matching process is based upon rules
defined by your Finance department.

The module can be used as a generic reconciliation tool for all financial data such as three way

This module can be implemented with bank reconciliation as a final financial reconciliation.


  • Auto-reconciliation of Cash to GL items
  • Manual Cash to GL reconciliation for unmatched items
  • Cash to GL Reconciliation can be performed on a daily, weekly, monthly or other periodic
  • Un-presented items can be rolled-over at period end into future reconciliations
  • Search and sort functionality in reconciling data from the GL or cash sides of the
  • Matched transactions can be reviewed and reversed should incorrect references be
  • Reconciliations can be created for multiple banks, companies and environments
  • Tolerances and write-offs available
  • Auto-matching rules based upon numerous different reference information
  • Multi-currency, multi-site solution that can be deployed on multiple environments and ERP’s


  • Financial Control
  • Huge time and cost savings as all relevant cash/gl data is reconciled through one central
    reliable tool
  • Scalable solution that has been employed globally for $4 billion dollar company to
    reconcile 80 different bank accounts
  • Global companies can employ a global solution for all sites across multiple different banks
  • Cash & GL balances are stored enabling Cashbook to provide global treasury position on
    Corporate Cash
  • Automated processing of data reduces manual entry and consequently reduces the
    possibility of fraud and increases financial control

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Cash to GL Reconciliation