The P-Card Reconciliation Module of Cashbook provides integration of the P-Card purchasing
process with your ERP system on a daily basis for accrual, expense allocation and month end
reconciliation with the statement.

P-Card Features:

  • Transactions made by card holders are downloaded into Cashbook daily
  • Cashbook creates a journal in your ERP system to an accrual account setup for P-Card
  • Cashbook generates an email to the card holder’s manager with the transaction information
  • When the monthly statement file is sent from the Credit Card Company, it will be reconciled
    against the open transactions in the accrual account and a reversal transaction will be
    made to clear the accrual account
  • Your accrual account balance reflects your current liability for charges made on all P-
    Cards that an invoice has not been entered for in the Accounts Payable system
  • Spend details are now in your ERP system for the transactions that are charged to P-
    Cards. We will work with your P-Card provider to get as much information on each
    transaction as possible
  • The Cashbook P-Card solution allows you to have accurate tracking of the purchasing
    completed daily. This gives managers a daily report for purchasing by their employees,
    with rule based booking of expense categories based on the merchant information

P-Card Benefits:

  • Better control of spending
  • Daily reporting to management of purchases
  • Dispute any charges in error or miss use of P-Cards when they happen instead of at
    month end
  • Detail in your ERP System instead of only on the bank website
  • Book the expenses to the correct account instead of only to a single expense account for
    the credit card bill

Integrate the P-Card Purchasing Process with your ERP

P-Card Reconciliation

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This will be a big time saver for our
business. In addition to the product
installed, we appreciate the continued
product support afterwards in working
through minor issues that cropped up.
Thanks again for your help.

Rene Stasiak, AR Controller,Atlas Copco
CMT USA - Customer since 2005