Cashbook’s Bank Deposit Slip Solution is designed to facilitate automated Bank Reconciliation
for customers who receive large volumes of cheque payments.  These payments are
subsequently lodged as a batch and are then shown on the customers’ bank statement as one

Cheques are received from customers and, using the Bank Deposit Slip functionality, all cheque
details i.e. Customer No., Cheque No., Customer Name and Amount are input into Cashbook.
This slip can then be printed and used as the physical bank deposit slip accompanying the
cheque lodgement (optional). Often this is referred to as the BGC (Bank Giro Credit number).  .
Once allocation of the Deposit Slip is completed a Cashbook Journal is created which is batched
up so that the total amount equals the bank amount posted through the BGC.

Within the Bank Reconciliation Module, this one lodgement is shown as one journal on the GL
side of the Bank Reconciliation within Cashbook enabling ease of reconciliation with the Bank
Statement. Should amendments be required to the deposits slip or the AR allocation, this can be
done via Cashbook to ensure ease of reconciliation of manual lodgements.


  • Cashbook Bank Deposit Slip used as the accompanying document for the physical
  • Cheques can be applied across Company and across Customers
  • Automatic Bank Reconciliation of all lodgements as a bank reference number is used when
    posting Cashbook journal
  • Reverse functionality available to cater for bounced cheques
  • One to One relationship exists between Bank Statement and GL posting enabling
    automation of Bank Reconciliation process
  • Centralized Bank Reconciliation for retail outlet is enabled via the capturing of retail store
  • All Standard AR Cash Application functionality is available within the Bank Deposit Slip i.e
    Bank charges, w/o, discount handing and unallocated cash
  • Cash Forecasting is improved as specific transaction types are used for BGC deposits
    providing historical trends


  • Elimination of duplicate recording of cheques once on your banks lodgement slip and once
    in the ERP. One entry in Cashbook is used for both processes
  • Standardise process for recording and allocating all Bank deposits
  • Cashbook Bank Deposit Slip used to accompany the physical lodgement. No need to
    manually rewrite
  • All cheques are logged, details recorded and allocations processed prior to releasing
    cheques to bank
  • Prompt allocation of cash against open AR
  • Cash application queries are resolved prior to cheque lodgement
  • Payment is logged and allocations made in Cashbook prior to lodgement in bank, ensuring
    full audit trail of all cheque received to lodgement in bank. The Cashbook journal together
    with the AR allocations does not have to be posted until cheques are cleared in bank
  • Massive time and monetary savings in Bank Reconciliation Process

Solve BGC (Bank Giro Credit) Issues

We are using Cashbook to upload bank
statements from 3 different banks,
Lloyds, Bank of Tokyo Mitsubishi and
Mizuho bank. This information goes
directly into Cashbook’s integrated bank
reconciliation module. This process has
added greatly to our efficiency and
overall financial control

Doug Black, Finance Manager, Sanden-
Europe, UK - Customer since 2000

Bank Deposit Slip (BGC) Solution

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