This module allows companies to upload a bank statement (SWIFT MT940, CODA, Multicash,
BAI, CAMT or any other file type) into Cashbook and apply algorithms so that cash receipts and
manual payments are automatically applied. The module can automate anything from 30-90% of
your daily cash transactions.

The process begins with uploading a bank statement into Cashbook. If the bank statement
includes good quality reference data our solution can automatically suggest invoice allocations
for accounts receivable transactions. Cashbook will also suggest manual journal postings as well
based upon the reference data in the bank statement. The word “suggest” is used as no
automatic postings are completed, everything must be approved by the appropriate credit
controller or accountant.

The variation in automation from 30-90% depends upon the bank that your business is using and
the way your customers pay you. We can easily assess the level of automation you are likely to
get at no charge if you supply an example of one of your daily bank statements.
This module can be implemented anywhere in the world.


  • Can be adapted for any Bank globally
  • Standard bank statement upload process no matter what bank/currency or ERP System
    you are using
  • Approval process, ensures excellent workflow
  • Supports algorithms across customer numbers, invoices, sales orders, customer bank
    accounts, pick list, packing numbers, customer purchase orders, shipment numbers, sales
  • Caters for partial payments, credit/debit notes, unallocated payments, multiple discount
    terms, foreign exchange gain or losses, automatic write-offs, bank charges, suspense
    account postings
  • Includes ability to upload EDI or Excel customer remittances into the bank statement from
    an external source with auto-matching already completed
  • Ability to view the bank statement from an individual bank statement line
  • Uses MT940 Bank transaction codes to automate transaction posting
  • Auto-stamping of transactions to facilitate 100% auto-matching for the bank reconciliation
  • Integrated with Excel and Customer Lockbox Modules and Bank Reconciliation which
    enables usage with high and low volume customers
  • Stores and uses IBAN numbers to recognise customer numbers automatically
  • Multiple sites, environments or ERP systems can be catered for
  • Security controlled actions, company controls, reporting, audit facilities


  • Creates the ability to run Shared Service Centers without the need for a common ERP
    platform or version updates
  • Global companies can employ a global solution for all sites across multiple different banks
  • Automated processing of bank statement data reduces manual entry and consequently
    increases financial control
  • Elimination of manual effort allows companies to allocate more staff time to other higher-
    value activities
  • For many companies the automation can be 50% or greater

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Bank Statement Automation

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Bank Statement Automation

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Cashbook has done great work on our
bank statement automation in terms of
auto-matching invoices directly from
our MT940 file. They have done this
work for our Shared Service Center in
Switzerland from multiple countries.

Richard Feltham - Application Consultant
Dentsply International Inc
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