Cashbook is compliant for SDD for SEPA. We store SEPA mandate information such as Mandate
ID, Date of Signing, Mandate Amended (y/n), Original Creditor Name and Original Creditor ID. If
the mandate has been amended, we also store the other ID code. Cashbook's Direct Debit
module allows companies to automate the collection process for direct debit customers.
Implementing Direct Debits across even a portion of your customer base can reduce A/R
processing time and can help improve your companies DSO (Days Sales Outstanding).

Cashbook uses the ERP data to select invoices due across company unit, currency and within a
specified date range. It then generates a collection file in your banks file format. The bank then
processes the collections with receipts deposited directly to your account.

Cashbook Direct Debits includes administration features for managing customer bank account
and mandate details. Cashbook Direct Debits can be used with any of our international banking


  • Creates Direct Debits File based on either invoice due date and discount due date
  • Integrates with all standard ERP A/R data
  • Administration of Customer Account and Bank Data
  • Multiple collection contracts possible per Customer includes ability to collect invoices
    based upon instalments
  • Invoices & customers can be de-selected based upon specific customer requests
  • Pre-Authorisation function for customers who require pre-approval before collections are
    carried out
  • Configurable collection periods and phases
  • Automatic updates to A/R and G/L based on Collections completed
  • Dishonour function for failed collections (reversing A/R and G/L entries) for chosen
  • Caters for all banking interface requirements
  • Integrated with Email Remittances, Bank Reconciliation, Bacstel-IP and Benelux Processing


  • Automates the Collection process and reduces average time spent per invoice in A/R
  • Direct Debits can reduce DSO by an average of 10 to 20 days
  • Efficient business process allows you to have more control over the collections cycle
  • Improves Cash Forecasting accuracy based on predictable, quantifiable planned collection
    dates and amounts

Automate the Direct Debit Collection Process

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Customer Direct Debit

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