For many companies the standard child-parent relationship within the ERP system does not cater
to the way people pay their invoices. Here is an example of the problem. A single customer
payment is received that pays for 1000’s of invoices from over 100 different parent customers.
The sales ledger department needed a way of adding an additional level to the traditional child-
parent customer relationship. We enabled the customer to create a relationship between
customer numbers which we store at a higher level than the customer master. This customer
relationship can be updated to reflect new changes in the business process.


  • Single view of all invoices for a grouping of customers
  • Enables users to choose primary customers so that on account cash can be attributed to
    specific corporate customers
  • Caters for discount and credit/debit notes
  • Integrated with standard Cashbook and EDI/Excel uploads
  • Ability to join customer masters with unlimited additional levels
  • Ability to name customer groups with an alphanumeric name (e.g. “Whitbread”, “DHL”)
  • Regular uploads from the ERP system customer master feed into Cashbook Customer
    Hierarchy solution
  • Makes all necessary updates to your ERP’s A/R and G/L
  • Auditable display of all customer relationships
  • Original customer numbers are displayed in cash allocation screen


  • Hugely reduces A/R processing time for large corporate customers
  • Eliminates time wasting for A/R users who are attempting to compare remittance
    information with multiple, different customer accounts
  • High-volume receipts applied to customer accounts faster as A/R staff focus on exception
    handling instead of data entry
  • Reduces reporting time devoted to large customer accounts during closing periods
  • Single view of customer payment data reduces likelihood of manual entry errors
  • Extensive search and find capabilities across multiple corporate customer numbers
  • Improves customer account management by ensuring everybody is looking at the same
    data and information
  • Elimination of manual effort allows companies to allocate more staff time to other higher-
    value activities

Add an additional level to the traditional child-parent customer relationship

Customer Hierarchy

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