In many sectors, such as the Automotive and FMCG market, EDI files are commonplace. The
Cashbook EDI upload module automates the uploading and cash application of customer
remittance data from an EDI file directly into the ERP system. Cashbook automatically uploads
EDI files and runs specific auto-matching on EDI remittance files. The module replaces the
manual task of entering paid invoices one-by-one and generally achieves high matching rates as
the customer data is usually high-quality and based on pre-defined customer-supplier reference


  • No need for EDI IT resources; Casbook reads raw EDI files
  • Handles any EDI remittance formats eg EDI 820, 812
  • Specific customer-based algorithms that enable specific treatment of different customer
  • Automatic deduction coding and processing directly from the EDI remittance files by linking
    customer deduction codes to company deduction codes
  • Automatic write-off functionality for dealing with penny write-offs
  • Standard matching algorithms available include combinations of the following reference
    data: invoice amount, invoice number, purchase order reference, sales order reference,
    discount amount, due date
  • Matching rules can be modified or enhanced to include other specific reference fields or,
    as is often the case with EDI files, combinations of specific fields
  • Caters for Discount and Automates Credit/Debit notes
  • Makes all necessary updates to your ERP’s A/R and G/L
  • Each EDI upload has its own Cashbook journal, so multiple files can be processed
    simultaneously.  All EDI uploads go to our AR Remittance Batch Processing module


  • Reduces A/R processing time of EDI files by an average of 80% to 95%
  • Provides accurate and real-time information for high-volume customers on which invoices
    have been paid and when
  • High-volume receipts applied to customer accounts faster as A/R staff focus on exception
    handling instead of data entry
  • Reduces reporting time devoted to large customer accounts during closing periods
  • Automated processing of data reduces likelihood of manual entry errors
  • Elimination of manual effort allows companies to allocate more staff time to other higher-
    value activities
  • Reduce IT involvement and software requirements by Cashbook processing raw EDI data

EDI Processing

EDI820 Customer Remittance Uploads

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