The Cashbook Excel Remittance Upload module allows you to consolidate and automate cash
application on remittance data from one or multiple customers.

This module typically applies to customers providing information on invoices settled with one
large or periodic payment. As the data is not available on the bank statement, A/R departments
are often forced to process these customers manually. As more companies move to paying their
suppliers by electronic funds transfer, these “exceptions” are continually increasing.

Excel Upload can be used on its own or in combination with a bank file upload to achieve the
highest automated matching rate possible.


  • Uses our standard Cashbook Excel Upload Template or can be based on a customer-
    defined template
  • Template can be modified to handle upload of data from one specific customer or from
    multiple customers in the same file
  • Standard matching algorithms available include combinations of the following reference
    data: invoice amount, invoice number, purchase order reference, sales order reference,
    discount amount, due date
  • Allows creation of specific actions to handle items in file (e.g. bank charges, creation of
    credit/debit notes)
  • Automatic deduction rules can be applied based upon tolerance percentages and
    amounts and deduction codes
  • Caters for discount amounts and discount terms.
  • Makes all necessary updates to your ERP’s A/R and G/L
  • Each Excel upload has its own Cashbook journal, so multiple files can be processed
  • simultaneously


  • Reduces A/R processing time of customer remittance data by an average of 90%
  • Allows the automation of customer data that would otherwise not be automated through a
    bank file
  • Receipts applied to customer accounts faster as A/R staff focus on exception handling
    instead of data entry
  • Automated processing of data reduces likelihood of manual entry errors
  • Elimination of manual effort allows companies to allocate more staff time to other higher-
    value activities
  • Clean, efficient processing bank Lockbox data reduces overall reporting time needed at
    month-end, quarter-end and year-end periods

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Reduce A/R Processing Time of Customer Remittance Data

Excel Remittance Uploads

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