BAI2 Bank Lockbox File Automation

This module allows BAI2 Bank Lockbox files to be uploaded into the ERP system and cash is
applied automatically based on a number of configurable algorithms contained within the lockbox

Current daily matching rates at our U.S. Lockbox sites range from 60% to 100%. Return on
Investment models for U.S. Lockbox projects average from 6 to 12 months.

Any company in the U.S. spending more than 2 hours a day handling manual Lockbox data
should consider automating this key A/R process.


  • Can be adapted for any Bank file or format in the U.S. and Canada
  • Standard matching algorithms available include combinations of the following reference
    data: invoice amount, invoice number, purchase order reference, sales order reference,
    discount amount, due date
  • Algorithms can be modified or enhanced to include other specific reference fields
  • Deduction handling and auto-coding supplied
  • Automatic G/L write-offs based upon customer determined tolerance amounts or
  • On account payments can be auto-generated
  • Utilize MICR numbers for auto-matching customer numbers
  • Posting files provided to ensure updates to your ERP’s A/R and G/L
  • Each Lockbox has its own Cashbook journal, so multiple Lockboxes can be worked on
  • Splitting of Lockbox’s possible by bank account, company, collector or number of journal
  • Multiple sites, environments or ERP systems can be catered for


  • Can reduce headcount and allow redeployment of resources to other more value added
  • Reduces A/R processing time of bank Lockbox files by an average of 50% to 95%
  • Allows companies to increase receipt volume without adding additional resources
  • Automated processing of data reduces likelihood of manual entry errors
  • Increases cash balances by more quickly processing data
  • Clean, efficient processing bank Lockbox data reduces overall reporting time needed at
    month-, quarter-end and year-end periods
  • Excellent tool for ensuring cash application is handled in a consistent, controlled manner

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BAI2 Bank Lockbox Automation

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The Cashbook AR Lockbox module is
now working very well and cutting our
time tremendously.

Kurt Snyder, Credit Manager
Da Lite, USA
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