Credit and Collections

Collect Cash Faster From Your Customers

The Credit & Collections Management Solution enables organisations to improve collector
efficiency, reduce DSO’s and streamline the credit and collections business process.

We collect all collection and credit-related in real time from your ERP system.  We include
Orders, Customer Master Information, Invoices, Deductions and significant calculations to assist
Collectors in speeding up the receipt of cash from customers.  There are numerous analytical
tools that automate and add significant value to
your Credit & Collections process:

Credit checking capability within an ERP order entry system can sometimes be limited.
Automation links customer payments to holding and releasing orders thereby increasing your
ability to make new sales.

Credit history can be imported real time from external sources like D&B, Experian and Equifax,
tracking payment trends of customers, assessing and automatically assigning credit risk to
customers. Alert flags are then used to ensure that the collection time is spent managing the
right customers to reduce DSO’s. Credit Limits can be set within a specific approval hierarchy.

Utilizing data from your legacy system for collections ensures more customer contacts and faster
turn-around of invoices. All detailed AR information is readily available for automatic emails, auto
fax, and auto reminder/dunning letters without having to retype data or copy and paste from
various sources. All customer contact data is also held in a central repository and can be
accesses by all external applications namely, fax, email or automatic letter creation.

The AR collectors can record, track and automatically assign actions to various stakeholders
(Order management, Sales Reps, Deduction Analysts), ensuring all queries are dealt with in a
timely and proactive way thus maximizing the cash collections process.


  • Order hold and release fully integrated with your ERP system
  • Fully integrated prioritised to-do-list system, included assignment, dates.
  • Promise to Pay tracking
  • Colour coding of actions or to-do lists
  • User-definable aging buckets and rules
  • History of customer payments and aging buckets to spot trends in customers
  • Automatic faxing/e-mailing/printing of collection/reminder letters and invoice reprints
  • Ability to export/save into Excel all data for specific analysis and reports
  • Leverages existing IT infrastructure
  • Minimal IT support to install and maintain the product
  • Up-to-date aging histories based upon individual invoices


  • Increase your cash balances and working capital through reduction in AR balances
  • Proactively manage at-risk customers to mitigate bad debt exposure
  • Enables accurate Cash Forecasting of cash flows by giving accurate picture of customer
    payment trends
  • Greater collaboration and access to AR information facilitates better customer support
    leading to more sales

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Credit and Collections Management

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