Benelux Processing is a module used to describe the business process whereby you use the
bank statement as the key source document for allocating and applying cash to your general
ledger.  Formats used are typically MT940 or Multicash or CODA.  We automatch on invoices
and reference codes within the bank statement.

The process is most commonly used in Belgium, Netherlands and Luxembourg although it can
also been used in the UK, Switzerland and Germany.

The logic is very simple. Everything on my bank statement must be coded to a general ledger
account without exception.  


  • All Benelux region legal requirements are met
  • Bank statement unique numbering maintained
  • Validation of opening and closing balances with individual transactions to ensure
    transactions cannot be ignored
  • Processing directly from Bank Statement with direct update to ERP system
  • Meets all local regulatory requirements
  • Enables posting direct from bank statement to AP subledger, AR subledger and manual
    journal postings
  • Visual display of bank statements via PDF


  • Full traceability from General Ledger to original Cashbook Journal, Bank Statement
    Number and Line
  • Simple, fast and efficient method of processing daily cash
  • Can be implemented for multiple banks and multiple bank accounts
  • Bank balances are maintained at all times giving an instantaneous view of cash balances

Bank Statement Automation for Applying Cash and Bank Reconciliation

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Benelux Processing

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We have been working with the
Benelux Cashbook product since
1998. We believe it is a very stable
product which does not require a lot of

Carlos Vandersteen, Finance Manager,
Sumitomo Bakelite Europe,  Belgium