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Stephen Packwood, IT Manager, Taylor
Hobson, UK - Customer since 1996
Cashbook Customer Vendor Netting allows trading partners to simply net payments between
different entities within a single company environment.

The module automatically compares and nets invoices in Accounts Payable (AP) data with
Accounts Receivable data.

Invoices can be netted based upon 3 rules:

  1. An invoice from either Accounts Payable or Receivable can create a credit or debit note in
    the other subledger
  2. Invoices can be netted from Accounts Payable and Receivable to create a balancing
    record on the appropriate subledger
  3. A 1 to 1 matching rule requires only exact matches enable netting to occur


  • Net to offset invoices between customer and supplier
  • Net to transfer customer invoices to a supplier account
  • Net to transfer supplier invoices to a customer account
  • Net to create a single transaction for the balancing amount
  • Includes functionality to handle credit/debit notes and unallocated payments


  • An excellent tool to deal with customers who are also vendors
  • A tool which can be used for invoices between subsidiaries
  • Enables easy repayment of customers who have over-paid invoices
  • Ensures more control of poor payers who are also vendors

Automatically Compare and Net invoices AP data with AR data

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Customer Vendor Netting

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