Cashbook understands the need to get projects finished within a short space of time. We can
work within most given timeframes to deliver to you our top of the range Cash Management
System that integrates fluidly with your current ERP system.

During implementation, a Cashbook
Implementations consultant will be on site for the duration of
the project
. The implementations process consists of an installation, system setup, testing,
user testing and a small sign-off. At this point Cashbook works closely with on site IT to
move the project
to go live.

Once the project has gone
live, the Cashbook consultant will be available for a period to answer
any additional queries from users or IT representatives. We will also e
nsure that Cashbook continues to run smoothly.  

Finally, Cashbook has a meeting with the on-site project manager one month after Go-Live to
ensure continued satisfaction with the Cashbook project.  

Cash Management Software


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This will be a big time saver for our
business. In addition to the product
installed, we appreciate the continued
product support afterwards in working
through minor issues that cropped up.

Rene Stasiak, AR Controller,Atlas Copco
CMT USA - Customer since 2005
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