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Cash Manager Software

One cash dashboard to monitor all incomings and outgoings

Let technology do the work!

Cash Manager Software pulls in all Bank, ERP and Cashbook data. Watch, drill in, report and take action.  Cash Manager sits on top of all other Cashbook modules and gives Financial Controllers, CFO’s, Treasury and CEO’s a better handle of their cash flows.  Cash forecasting is an imprecise science.  With Cash Manger you get all the components you need to understand and forecast your business cash flow.

Cash Manager Software

Customer & Vendor Enquiries

Customer and vendor information standardized

Customer & vendor information within Cashbook has been standardised, making enquiries much simpler than via your ERP system.  We display all customer, vendor payment histories, open invoices and payment trends.

Full, Real Time Visibility of your Bank Account Balances

Real-time information for centralised operations

Cash Manager can be used by Finance & Treasury Controllers for overviewing cash balances across countries, banks and currencies. This module is of particular importance for centralised operations that need to report on activities across multiple locations, including remote sites and international subsidiaries. The information is real-time, reflecting the latest changes on your ledger or the latest bank statement uploads. Drill-down on transactions and segregate transactions using codes such as REC for external customer receipts and RECINT for Receipts from an Inter-Company source.

Analyze Cash Incomings & Outgoings

Build your own configurable views of cash based upon any criteria in your AP & AR sub ledger.

Cashbook stores information about every bank account. We track information about every bank accounts receipts and payments on a daily, weekly and monthly basis. Compare and contrast the changes in your bank balances over time.  Add to this information accounts receivable and accounts payable invoice due dates with customer, vendor historical payment patterns.

Users can create views of AR data based upon particular months. This can easily be compared with AP data for the same month and users can export this data to Excel to compare and contrast cash net movements. Tracking cash receipts and cash payments on a daily basis is also possible using Cashbook transaction types. This gives vital cash forecasting information to Controllers which is especially useful when cash sweeps are in place and the bank account balances are always zero.

Build your own configurable views of cash based upon any criteria in your AP & AR sub ledger.

Deductions, On Account Payments, Write-Offs

Tracking data, streamlining deductions

Cashbook clearly displays on account payments for customers and vendors in one location ensuring data is not “lost”. Tracking this data shows to Managers how much cash is being “double-handled”.  With regard to deductions we display the deduction codes and reason codes applied.  GL write-offs are all listed in one location also.

Look-Up your Payables & Receivables History

A single, simple view of all outgoing payments and receivables

Having a single, simple view of all outgoing payments and receivables where you can drill down to the invoice level in 2 clicks is remarkably powerful at the same time as being remarkably simple. Features and usability honed by years of user suggestions – we make things easy.

Exide Technologies

A streamlined, automated solution for a demanding lockbox process


Whatever your ERP we’ll fire up its Cash Management engine.
Enjoy an incredible level of automation, functionality and control.

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