June 17th, 2021

Order2Cash partners with Cashbook to enhance global Order-to-Cash automation

LIMERICK, IRELAND – June 17th, 2021 – Order2Cash, a global leader in order-to-cash automation and optimization solutions, have partnered with Cashbook, the leading technology provider in the space of Cash Application, Accounts Payable and Bank Reconciliation. The partnership will combine the companies’ 40+ years of combined experience at the forefront of Fintech innovation and focus that expertise on a joint push to improve integration, automation and faster reconciliation across the order to cash cycle on a global scale.

Order2Cash will implement Cashbook’s intelligent, AI-driven Cash Application and Reconciliation tools into their proprietary software platform; a single online environment from which enterprises can manage their entire global order to cash process. The platform provides Finance departments with the technology tools necessary to implement best practice processes and contribute to corporate business goals. The result is a shorter receivables lifecycle, lower trade receivables financing cost and a reduction in the key performance indicator of Days Sales Outstanding (DSO).

“Order2Cash is dedicated to helping customers protect, collect and control their net working capital. We are always looking for ways to improve both our platform and the services we provide our customers and our push for continuous process improvement made us want to pursue this partnership,” said Frank Hoekstra, Order2Cash CEO. “Cashbook’s proven ability and drive to improve and accelerate the global reconciliation process aligns well with our own ideals and we are excited to integrate our offerings and improve financial management for all our customers moving forward.”  

Cashbook has been helping clients get cash faster into the business for more than 20 years. With Order2Cash, we have combined technology platforms to deliver tools that create superb long-term value for businesses: accelerated cash flow, lower DSO and improved returns from working capital. We are very excited to partner with Order2Cash to bring these capabilities to clients across the globe. added Greg Coulter, Cashbook CEO.

The Order2Cash platform’s modular setup enables customers to customize solutions to suit immediate business needs and customers of both companies will be able to benefit from the expanded portfolio created with this partnership. Beyond that, Order2Cash will also implement Cashbook solutions into its own Managed Services offering.

“We curate our technology and business partners carefully, “added Frank Hoekstra, “as we aim to provide only the highest levels of service and accuracy to our customers. By utilizing Cashbook’s solutions within our outsourcing services, we can improve our own ability to deliver accurate, timely payment information in real-time to our Managed Service clients and handle their funds effectively. We are excited to introduce our joint customer base to the new and improved platform and look forward to a long and fruitful partnership between our two companies.”

About Order2Cash

Order2Cash is dedicated to helping global enterprises protect, collect, and control their cashflow and improve their net working capital.

The company’s eponymous technology platform offers enterprises a single platform from which to manage their global order to cash cycle. Its modular collection of powerful and intelligent software solutions and service packages are geared to helping minimize risk, accelerate payments, and create greater efficiencies within accounts receivable. The platform’s service areas encompass credit risk and customer assessment, secure digital contract signing, electronic invoicing, online payments, cash application, issue and collection management, international debt recovery and extensive business intelligence reporting.

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About Cashbook

Cashbook helps organizations achieve spectacular levels of automation in Cash Application, Accounts Payable and Bank Reconciliation. Cashbook’s cash automation software solutions massively reduce manual workload for its clients by streamlining their complex financial processes.

They have integrated their financial software with over 16 different ERP systems, and their software is used in multiple industries and environments all over the world.

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