Complete automation of the full accounts receivable process

Automate bank statements, lockbox, customer/email remittances, customer portals, direct debits, drafts, deductions and more. Invoice automation can be as high as 90% even when there is a separation of ACH/Check payments and remittance data.

In this 30-min webinar, you will learn how:

  • Cashbook can reduce your days sales outstanding by 30%.
  • You can reduce expensive bank lockbox charges by 75%.
  • Cashbook achieves over 90% invoice automation for Cash Application.
  • Cashbook has a fully automated transaction process that updates your general ledger (GL).
  • We fully automate the customer portal process with big box retailers.
  • Cashbook helps you save over $35,000 annually on average with Cash App automation.
  • We fully automate your email remittance process.
  • Cashbook can automate your deductions process, saving thousands each year.

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