Realize the benefits of automating your financial processes

Cashbook is a proven add-on automation and productivity tool which is used by healthcare organizations who run Lawson S3. In this 25-min webinar, you will learn how Cashbook can transform your healthcare financial operations, and increase the productivity of your Accounts Receivable, Accounts Payable and Bank Reconciliation with automation. Cashbook can solve specific cash management issues in the healthcare industry such as:

  • Splitting large bulk payments into multiple smaller amounts to satisfy your patient health systems and your external partners.
  • Improving and maintaining your cashflow throughout the financial year.
  • Increasing your level of cash visibility.
  • Eliminating expensive manual entry errors.
  • Improving your overall audit accuracy.

Our software allows for cashflow going to patient healthcare systems such as Epic or Cerner. Our Bank Reconciliation can transform your month-end into a daily reconciliation. Cashbook consolidates all your cash information into one location, and creates a daily overview of your cash position. Register now to realize the benefits of automating your financial processes!

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