Transform your financial operations and increase productivity

Since 2004 we have been helping organizations who use XA to achieve spectacular levels of Cash Application, Accounts Payable and Bank Reconciliation. Being global business partners with Infor since 2010, we are the go-to partner for XA affiliates and XA clients.  

In this 25-min webinar, you will learn how Cashbook can transform your financial operations and increase the productivity of your Accounts Receivable, Accounts Payable and Bank Reconciliation with automation.  

  • Automated Cash Application: Cashbook offers full bank lockbox integration for all AM financials and IFM companies. We can automate transactions in one or multiple XA environments. We can display lockbox images, OCR lockbox files and automate deductions, running algorithms against AR invoices transaction file (YAARREP). We update Legacy Bridge system files UAGYCPP, UAG4CPP, UAG6CPP, UAGZCPP. Validation is performed (AM5LSBUPC) and those transactions without errors are posted to IFM. Miscellaneous Cash (non-AR transactions) can also be posted through Cashbook.  
  • Automated Accounts Payable: We supply full & direct integration to AP files. There is no functionality within XA for ACH payments, Wires, SEPA payments, emailing remittances, positive payment files and check printing and Cashbook has 20 years of experience doing this. Our integration includes full Legacy Bridge system updates.  
  • Automated Bank Reconciliation: Cashbook looks directly at IFM General Ledger files and compares that data to bank statements uploaded to Cashbook. 

Cashbook is a proven, XA compatible solution; we have worked with 6+ enterprises, which use XA, from a variety of sectors, operating in 3 countries. 

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