Discover the huge changes in payment trends over the years

Cashbook discuss the history of payments from offline to online. We run through the changes we have seen over the last decade in Payment Regulations, Electronic Payments and Mobile Technology. We explain how Cryptocurrency and Blockchain have changed the payments industry. Finishing on how society is becoming cash-free, how fraud has evolved, and what you can expect from the future of payments.

Full list of topics covered:

  • A History of Payments – Offline and Online.
  • Increased Regulatory Requirements.
  • The evolution of Electronic Payments.
  • Mobile Technology – Payment Apps and Services.
  • Cryptocurrency – Bitcoin, Ether.
  • The Blockchain Revolution – what exactly is it?
  • Race to a cashless society.
  • Fraud – staying one step ahead.
  • The Future of Payments – next big breakthrough?

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