We examine the changes in payment trends due to Covid-19

Cashbook join forces with VersaPay to discuss how Covid-19 is impacting B2B & B2C payment trends?

Consumer payment habits have changed due to the pandemic. More people are making digital payments now than ever before. Society is becoming more and more cashless, there has been a huge surge in contactless and online transactions. People have embraced online banking and digital payments. Businesses have had to adapt and change their payment infrastructure due to forced store closures. Checks and cash were being used less and less previously – the pandemic has further accelerated this trend.

What will the payments landscape look like in 2021 for both B2B and B2C after this crisis? Will people revert to old habits or stick with the new learned process.

Full list of topics covered:

  • Becoming a more cashless society.
  • Increase in Online Transactions.
  • Global Rise in Digital Payment Adoption.
  • Payments after the crisis.
  • Q&A

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