Complete automation of lockboxes, customer portals and remittances.

In this webinar, we discuss how Cashbook’s OCR/Data Extraction module can help you to eliminate lockbox keying fees, and to automate customer web portals and email remittances. Join CEO, Greg Coulter and Global Sales Manager, David Rushe as they examine Cashbook’s ability to completely eliminate expensive keying fees. They also discuss the complete automation of email remittances to streamline your receivables process, and heavily reduce both time and associated costs.

Cashbook has integrated with 16+ ERPs, operates in over 25 countries and has completed 200+ Bank integrations worldwide.

In this 30-minute webinar we cover:

  • Cashbook’s OCR/Data Extraction tool.
  • Full integration between Banks and ERPs.
  • Cash Application and Data Extraction.
  • Automation of Customer Remittance Emails.
  • Complete automation of the Customer Portal process.
  • Automation of Deductions.
  • Time and Cost reducing benefits.

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