Streamline cash automation for lockbox and email remittance processes.

Cashbook’s OCR/Data Extraction module helps you streamline cash automation for both lockbox and email remittance processes. We’ve built an integrated solution that increases automation and will save companies a fortune on lockbox keying fees. This tool also helps you to automate your ACH’s and customer portals. Cashbook has integrated with 16+ ERPs and operates in over 25 countries and has completed 200+ Bank integrations worldwide.

In this 25min webinar you will learn how:

  • Cashbook will drastically reduce the time required for Cash Allocation.
  • Help you save over $35,000 annually on average with AR automation using this tool.
  • Cashbook provides full integration between your Banks and ERP system.
  • Cashbook provides full integration to your designated Email Remittance Inbox.
  • Cashbook can automatically update your AR subledger and General Ledger postings.

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