April 18th, 2018

Metropolitan Region Lawson User Group

User Conference & Exhibition
New York, USA.
17 May
Cashbook will be attending the Metropolitan Region Lawson User Group (MRLUG) in New York, NY. This event is on Thurs 17th May 2018 at the Infor Headquarters. MRLUG will see certified business partners, exhibitors and key people from companies coming together for a great day of learning, sharing, and networking. As an Infor partner, Cashbook look forward to meeting users at this event to share our experiences, and discuss how they can enjoy the productivity benefits of Cash Application automation.

Cashbook is an add-on automation and productivity tool for Lawson that consolidates all your cash information in one location, and creates a daily overview of your cash position. Transform your financial operations and increase the productivity of your Accounts Receivable, Accounts Payable and Bank Reconciliation functions with Cashbook’s automation capabilities. We take into account cashflow going to patient health systems, such as EPIC and Cerner.

Cashbook automates the coding from bank statements to Lawson General Ledger codes. This includes automating lockboxes, credit card files, deductions and decoupled remittance details from emails and web portals. Cashbook automates payables with checks, ACH’s, wires and the new ISO 20022 formats. Bank Reconciliation automation transforms month-end into a daily reconciliation, the last day of the month is as easy the first day of the month!

Book an appointment to meet us at MRLUG by emailing David Rushe today.

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