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Frequently Asked Questions

Any statement, any bank, any ERP, any country.
Massively reduce manual work and re-allocate resources to higher-value activities.

How long does implementation take?

Each Cashbook Implementation is dependent on a number of factors including number of countries, modules purchased, ERP System and the number of Banks & Accounts that a client is working with. Cashbook Software will quote the number of services days required upon receipt of this information.

What are the hardware requirements?

You can view a full list of our hardware requirements here: Hardware Requirements

What are my time & resource requirements required for the implementation?

Upon request, Cashbook Software will detail your resource requirements as part of the pricing.
These resource requirements are typically split between Technical & Finance.

What if I change or add Banks?

Cashbook Software is of course happy to accommodate this as our ability to work with any Bank or combination of Banks offers all our clients true Bank Independence. We have been working with Bank Formats since the mid 1990s and have a dedicated ‘Banking Team’ who manage & develop formats for Banks. Each format typically takes 3-4 days and we have over 200 formats developed to date. To date, we have worked with many of the World’s best known Banks.

Are there security enhancements?

Yes, we have added additional security enhancements for all our latest releases of Cash Application, Bank Reconciliation & Electronic Payments Modules. We have also added some security changes to our BACS Product for the UK

Will Cashbook Software work with other ERP Solutions?

Cashbook Software now works with 16 different ERP Systems including major systems such as Infor solutions, SAP, JDE & Oracle.

Can we use the solution in all regions?

Cashbook Software solutions span the globe with many of today’s Fortune 1000 companies using our products across all Continents. Some of our clients initially purchased the software for a single country and based on the software’s performance decided to roll out in global deals. References are available upon request.

How often are there new releases of the software?

New releases are available every 12 months.

Are new releases covered under Maintenance & Support?

Yes, our client’s Maintenance & Support Agreement ensures that there are no licence fees due for upgrades of the software. The only cost is some services days required for the upgrade.

What are the Support hours and contact details?

Our support hours range from 8.30am GMT to 9.30pm GMT and our Support Department can be contacted via phone and email.  Our support team is a team of experts located in the same building as our developers ensuring your support is first class.  We understand that issues relating to cash processing are always urgent and our customers appreciate our commitment to their business processe

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