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Collections Management Software

Improve collector efficiency and reduce DSO. Our Collections Management tool links directly with AR invoice data in real-time for AR collections automation.

One central hub to log all notes, see lockbox images, eliminate deductions and add attachments with real-time information. Intelligent software forecasts payments based on historical performance, highlights overdue accounts and automatically creates user-defined dunning letters. Expect higher AR collections efficiency and expect your companies DSO to plummet.

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The Cashbook Collections Management module allows you to prioritize key customers that are high risk. Create customizable views to show accounts by ‘largest value’ outstanding or by ‘how many days’ past due the customer is currently. Collections staff can then focus their attention on these accounts. All aging and full payment history for each customer can be seen, including when the customer last paid. Gives you a much clearer view of customers and predicts when they might pay. Streamline your Collections Management process with Cashbook.

  • Analyze customer payment behaviour, view full customer history and live AR data.
  • Create customizable views and graphs within Cashbook to show the top accounts to focus on for AR collections activity.
  • Ready to use templates for dunning letters, promise-to-pays, and other correspondence. These can be edited as per business requirements and emailed to multiple customers automatically.
  • Any deductions on an outstanding invoice can be assigned to the deductions team for immediate investigation.
  • All account activity including calls, letters, notes, emails, and any other type of communication will be logged and stored on Cashbook. Giving collectors a clearer picture of the account.
  • Approvals can also be set up for specific users and top-level management in order to make final decisions on accounts.
Fully Integrated with your ERP System

Collect cash at the speed of light, integrated directly with your specific ERP

Our Collections Management module provides extra capability and functionality alongside our cash application software. It provides you with full ERP integration, and a 360° view on your customers payment history and all communication touch points. Drill down into the data to view past invoices and payments to help your collections team understand each customer individually. A simple to use AR collections tool. Significantly boost the collections process in your organization regardless of ERP, industry, or location.

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Functionality & Automation

Specific, precise functionality and automation to enable an unprecedented level of efficiency

View all customer account information, look up specific invoices, and see historical payment data. Identify high-risk customers with our flexible analysis tools. Predict when you’re going to get paid to guarantee faster recovery of invoices. Automate your complete dunning and promise-to-pay activity for increased efficiency. Up-to-date aging histories based upon individual invoices. Promise to pay tracking and full account communication history allowing you to strategize the next best collections activity to achieve success. Ability to export to all of the data to Excel for even further analysis.

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Greater Control

More visibility for tighter control, more efficient collections and reduced bad debts

Our Collections Management tool collates all crucial collections data in one place. This allows increased visibility on individual customers. Leading to improved recovery, a reduction in time spent on collections and ultimately a reduction of your DSO. Our tool enables cash forecasting by giving an accurate picture of customer payment trends. You can pro-actively manage high risk customers to mitigate bad debt exposure. Superior collaboration and access to AR info facilitates better customer support for more efficient AR collections.

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The team at Cashbook have been a pleasure to work with, and we look forward to increasing the scope of the application across the division in the future

Sarah Cobb, Business Systems Director, Essentra

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A deeper, fuller, more accurate, real time picture. Naturally improved cash management.
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