JDE World & E1

JD Edwards EnterpriseOne is an integrated suite of comprehensive enterprise resource planning (ERP) software offered by Oracle. For maximum flexibility and lowest TCO, JD Edwards EnterpriseOne delivers a robust, fully integrated ERP software package with a wider selection of databases and deployment choices, including on-premise, private cloud, public cloud, or hybrid cloud. JD Edwards EnterpriseOne is a solution that integrates extensive industry capability, standards-based technology, and business value. It boasts over 80 application modules, end-user reporting, and customisation features.

Achieve an unprecedented level of transaction automation with JDE

Since 2009 we have been helping organisations who use JDE to achieve spectacular levels of automation in Cash Application, Accounts Payable and Bank Reconciliation. We have been Oracle business partners since 2010. Get the capability and features to empower your finance department like never before.

Proven JDE World & E1 solution

Cashbook is a proven, JDE compatible solution, that’s easily tailored to your unique needs, quick to implement, works globally, works with all major banks, supports 50+ languages and it is easy to use.

Versions Supported

  • JDE EnterpriseOne: 9.1, 8.12, 8.11SP1, 8.10, 8.9, 8.0, Xe
  • JDE World: 9.3, 9.2, 9.1, 8.1, A7.3
  • JDE EnterpriseOne: 9.1, 8.12, 8.11SP1, 8.10, 8.9, 8.0, Xe
  • JDE World: 9.3, 9.2, 9.1, 8.1, A7.3

Functionality & Files

  • Automated Cash Application:

As an example Cashbook maps or copies JDE customer data from F03B11 Customer Ledger, F03B13 Receipts Header File, F03B14 A/R Check Detail File, F03012 Customer Master, F0101 Address Book Master, F0116  Address By Date, F0013  Currency Codes, F0015  Currency Exchange Rates.   Cashbook then imports bank statements which may be BAI, MT940, CAMT053 or from any number of customer remittance sources such as EDI, PDF, Excel.  Once we have these 2 data sets in Cashbook tables our standard matching algorithms are used.  Users review the auto-matching and then complete the posting back to the source ERP system.  This is where Cashbook creates z tables in JDE in a real-time manner ensuring automatic cash application and seamless integration.

The Z file process is done by creating a receipt batch via report R09801 which makes entries in the F0911 file as well as the F0902 files.  Updates occur in F03B13, F03B14 and F0011 files.

  • Automated Accounts Payable:

Cashbook can select invoices from the F0411 Accounts Payable ledger File across companies, banks and payment types in one selection run. Multiple payment batches are created in Cashbook and then transmissions can be sent by Cashbook to any bank in any payment format.  The advantage of Cashbook is we are always up-to-date with banking changes such as IBAN, SEPA, ACHCTX, ISO 20022.  Having a single solution for all banking interfaces is simpler, smarter and saves on customer development.  We can be a single gateway from JDE to your banking world.

  • Automated Bank Reconciliation:

Cashbook looks directly at the F0911 files extracting general ledger transactions specifically for bank account control ledgers. Having a specific tool for bank reconciliation that is ERP and bank independent ensures greater control and more flexibility.

Our JD Edwards customers

We’ve worked with multiple enterprises who use JDE, from a variety of industries such as Energy Distribution, Automotive Manufacturing, Packaging and Containers etc. For those who operate multiple ERP’s, they enjoy the added benefits of Cashbook’s cross platform ERP integration. JD Edwards clients include Filgo (previously known as Filgo-Sonic) and Motrex LLC.

Cashbook can help companies with high-volume transactions with tailored software built to streamline and automate financial processes. Find out how you can increase cash flow, eliminate manual processes, reduce DSO, and improve cash visibility. Simply reach out to our team for a call to help you and your business today.

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