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Cashbook Vlog Series

We have started to do a weekly Cashbook Vlog series. The aim is to keep customers, partners, interested parties and friends up to date with everything Cashbook, and in the world of Cash Application automation. In this series, we’ll be bringing you a mixture of industry news, product developments, Cashbook projects, and any new exciting updates. See below for the latest episodes, you may even see some familiar faces, we do hope you enjoy it!

Cashbook Vlog Series – Episode 66

Episode #066 – Cashbook CEO Update, July 2021. Cashbook CEO, Greg Coulter, provides an update on the progress Cashbook has made in Q2 of 2021. 
Cashbook Vlog Series – Episode 65

Episode #065 – Greg Coulter announces Cashbook Rising 2021. Cashbook CEO, Greg Coulter announces Cashbook Rising 2021. Greg mentions the many benefits of attending this virtual event and how it will directly help Cashbook users with key module training. 
Cashbook Vlog Series – Episode 64

Episode #064 – Greg discusses our Collections & Deductions webinar. Greg Coulter discusses Cashbook’s new capabilities around Deductions and Collections automation. To learn more join our webinar “Collections & Deductions automation with Cashbook” on Tues Apr 27th at 10.30am ET. 
Cashbook Vlog Series – Episode 63

Episode #063 – Cashbook CEO Update, March 2021. Cashbook CEO Greg Coulter provides an update on the progress Cashbook has made in the first quarter of 2021. 
Cashbook Vlog Series – Episode 62

Episode #062 – New Fintech Podcast Series! A brand new fintech podcast series coming your way! Greg Coulter and David Rushe have just recorded the first episode, so keep an ear out for it’s upcoming release. 
Cashbook Vlog Series – Episode 61

Episode #061 – Cashbook CEO Update, Jan 2021. Cashbook CEO Greg Coulter with a short update on how to keep motivation levels up during the lockdown. 
Cashbook Vlog Series – Episode 60

Episode #060 – Christmas CEO Message, Dec 2020. Cashbook CEO Greg Coulter with a very special Christmas message to all of our customers, partners and friends around the world. 
Cashbook Vlog Series – Episode 59

Episode #059 – Cashbook CEO Update, Nov 2020. Cashbook CEO Greg Coulter discusses recent customer conversations which led to minor algorithm tweaks for our deduction’s automation solution. 
Cashbook Vlog Series – Episode 58

Episode #058 – Cashbook CEO Update, Nov 2020. Cashbook CEO Greg Coulter provides an update from Cashbook HQ in Limerick, Ireland. Greg discusses the importance of keeping in touch with customers during the current pandemic. 
Cashbook Vlog Series – Episode 57

Episode #057 – Cashbook CEO Update, Sept 2020. Cashbook CEO Greg Coulter provides an update on the progress Cashbook has made over the last 6 months. Greg discusses projects, partners, product development and the way he thinks business will be conducted in the future. 
Cashbook Vlog Series – Episode 56

Episode #056 – Cashbook CEO Update, May 2020. Cashbook CEO Greg Coulter discusses what Cashbook have been up to over the last two months. In terms of remote working, product development and projects. Greg also shares his view on how other companies are using this time to improve business processes. 
Cashbook Vlog Series – Episode 55

Episode #055 – David & Haroon are in Texas to visit customers and attend a conference. They were discussing exciting new automation improvements for our clients to enhance their data extraction and automated matching. 
Cashbook Vlog Series – Episode 54

Episode #054 – Greg is in Paris visiting customers and potential business partners. It’s Brexit day and there is discussion around this historical day for Europe and further development and growth for Cashbook! 
Cashbook Vlog Series – Episode 53

Episode #053 – David is in the windy UK midlands David discusses details of more customer visits, improved Bank Reconciliation and new ideas and features for all our customers in the near future. 
Cashbook Vlog Series – Episode 52

Episode #052 – First customer visits of 2020! Greg is in Chorley, England visiting TVS Supply Chain Solutions, a long-term customer of Cashbook to discuss software upgrades. The first of many customer visits this year. 
Cashbook Vlog Series – Episode 51

Episode #051 – Greg’s in Switzerland where he is visiting our new customer. Greg discusses our new customer in Switzerland. They will be doing Electronic Payments with SEPA and also International Payments in this project. 
Cashbook Vlog Series – Episode 50

Episode #050 – Greg and David are at an Enterprise Ireland event in Limerick. Greg and David are discussing the Enterprise Ireland Ambition event at the home of Munster Rugby, Thomond Park in Limerick. 
Cashbook Vlog Series – Episode 49

Episode #049 – Greg and David are in Galway, Ireland. They have a special Thanksgiving message for all our US based customers, partners and friends. 
Cashbook Vlog Series – Episode 48

Episode #048 – Greg is in Toronto to visit a customer & a business partner. Greg is in Toronto visiting our business partner, VersaPay, and one of our customers, Tree of Life, who are based just outside of Toronto. 
Cashbook Vlog Series – Episode 47

Episode #047 – Michael, Greg and David discussing Cashbook Rising 2019. Michael, Greg and David from Cashbook are discussing the recent Cashbook Rising user conference in Cincinnati, Ohio that was hosted by our customer Formica. 
Cashbook Vlog Series – Episode 46

Episode #046 – Greg Coulter is in Berlin, Germany. Cashbook have customers operating for over 20 years in the German market. This long financial experience in Germany allows our software to achieve exceptional matching and automation levels. Germany is a key market for Cashbook and one that we continue to target for new customers. 
Cashbook Vlog Series – Episode 45

Episode #045 – Greg Coulter and Ray Slattery are in Long Island, New York. Greg and Ray are in a very windy Robert Moses state park on Long Island. They were visiting a new customer who is doing an Accounts Payable project with Cashbook. Specifically, an Electronic and Global Payments project – ACH’s, Wires, Checks, and Positive Pays are all to be automated and integrated with their existing system. 
Cashbook Vlog Series – Episode 44

Episode #044 – Greg Coulter with Senator Kieran O’Donnell at Cashbook HQ. Greg Coulter welcomes Senator Kieran O’Donnell to the Cashbook office in Limerick. Senator O’Donnell discussed the huge 35% growth that Cashbook experienced in the first half of 2019. It was great to meet the Senator and show him our Cash Management software, as a qualified Chartered Accountant he immediately understood the value that it offers to our global clients. 
Cashbook Vlog Series – Episode 43

Episode #043 – David Rushe at the Midwest Lawson User Group in Minnesota. David is at St. Olaf’s College in Northfield for the 2-day Lawson User Group mega meeting. There was a lot of interest in Cashbook at this event, as there is no software tool as efficient in bank reconciliations in the Lawson space. Cashbook brings that extra added value to the table in cash automation. 
Cashbook Vlog Series – Episode 42

Episode #042 – David Rushe and Haroon Panezai are in sunny Florida. David discusses how Cashbook are in Florida to meet customers and have also signed up a new partner for our Bank Reconciliation automation software. Haroon discusses exhibiting at the Southeast Lawson Mega Meeting, and how there was great interest in our software from both healthcare and education companies. 
Cashbook Vlog Series – Episode 41

Episode #041 – Ray Slattery visits our new customer LKQ in Tennessee. Ray Slattery, Product Implementation and Support at Cashbook discusses how LKQ are integrating our Cash Application automation software with their Oracle ERP system. They had a great meeting learning more about LKQ’s cash management issues and how Cashbook can solve these issues through automation. 
Cashbook Vlog Series – Episode 40

Episode #040 – Greg and Shane from Cashbook are at Infor HQ in New York. Greg and Shane from Cashbook are at Infor HQ in New York attending the Infor Metropolitan Region Lawson User Group. They will be showcasing how Cashbook can streamline the Lawson financial process. Greg and Shane will also be visiting some of our customers that are based in the area. 
Cashbook Vlog Series – Episode 39

Episode #039 – Greg is speaking about automating the Customer Deductions process. Greg was meeting a customer that uses the Cashbook Deductions automation tool. This tool helps customers to identify and automate high volume deductions on invoices. This can result in huge additions to your bottom line, from money that is usually written off due to the manual hours involved in processing. 
Cashbook Vlog Series – Episode 38

Episode #038 – Haroon Panezai and Ray Slattery from Cashbook are in Toronto, Canada. Haroon and Ray are in Toronto visiting our new partner VersaPay and our new customer Tree of Life. The main focus of this trip was Bank Reconciliation and Cash Application automation for BPCS/LX and JDE ERPs. The guys had great sessions with both companies and are looking forward to the exciting months ahead. 
Cashbook Vlog Series – Episode 37

Episode #037 – Greg Coulter is in Florida attending the inPOWER 2019 user group. InPOWER 2019 is the user group for Infor ERP’s: XA, LX, and S21. Greg discusses the great interest shown in Cashbook at inPOWER, and also the 10-year partner relationship that exists between Cashbook and Infor. This steady partnership results in a seamless integration between Cashbook and Infor ERPs. 
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