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Cashbook Vlog Series

We have started to do a weekly Cashbook Vlog series. The aim is to keep customers, partners, interested parties and friends up to date with everything Cashbook, and in the world of Cash Application automation. In this series, we’ll be bringing you a mixture of industry news, product developments, Cashbook projects, and any new exciting updates. See below for the latest episodes, you may even see some familiar faces, we do hope you enjoy it!

Cashbook Vlog Series – Episode 25

Episode #025 Greg introduces Marian Shanahan, Finance Director at Cashbook. They discuss how Cashbook are hiring 4 new people to join the company, with 2 Technical Developer Java roles and 2 Financial Application Consultant roles on offer. Marian details the Cashbook company culture and what successful applicants can expect when they work at Cashbook. 
Cashbook Vlog Series – Episode 24

Episode #024 Greg chats to Haroon Panezai about his role as Partners and Projects Director at Cashbook. Haroon discusses how he is tasked with bringing projects in ‘on-time and on-budget’. Haroon also discusses the recent partner strategy that has seen Cashbook partner up with companies across Europe, Asia, North America and Latin America. 
Cashbook Vlog Series – Episode 23

Episode #023 Michael Twomey speaks to Greg Coulter about what users and partners can expect from the upcoming Cashbook Rising event in Washington D.C. Greg explains that the main focus will be on training of both users and partners on the core functionalities of the Cashbook modules. Greg also talks about the new customer success strategy that was launched at Cashbook this year. 
Cashbook Vlog Series – Episode 22

Episode #022 On a customer visit to the UK, Michael from Cashbook is speaking to David Baker, Systems Accountant at Essentra. David talks about how Essentra are using Cashbook for their global operations in Europe, Australia, Asia and the Americas. David explains how Cashbook has brought exceptional time-savings to Essentra’s AR/AP departments through Cash Application automation. 
Cashbook Vlog Series – Episode 21

Episode #021 Greg is in Auckland, New Zealand where he discusses the global challenges of cash management facing companies. Specifically challenges in both Cash Application and Bank Reconciliation. Greg also highlights the importance of having as much information on your bank statements as possible. This leads to increased automation. 
Cashbook Vlog Series – Episode 20

Episode #020 Greg’s last stop on his long-distance tour is Australia. Greg discusses how customers who are using old versions of Cashbook do not have as much functionality as the newer versions. Greg also says that invoices in Australia do not contain as much information as other countries, and how Cashbook’s Optical Character Recognition (OCR) and email remittance functionality would make their working lives a whole lot easier. 
Cashbook Vlog Series – Episode 19

Episode #019 Greg’s next stop in Southeast Asia, sees him visiting Singapore. Greg discusses how Singapore is the financial hub for a lot of companies which have operations in countries such as Malaysia, Thailand and Indonesia. Cash Automation is extremely important here, given the key benefits of saving both time and resources in this challenging marketplace.   
Cashbook Vlog Series – Episode 18

In the latest episode, Greg’s next stop in Southeast Asia sees him visiting the beautiful Kuala Lumpur. After meeting a customer, Greg discusses the importance of having regular customer visits. These visits ensure that users are maximizing the increased functionality and automation levels of Cashbook. Subsequently, our users get to experience the full benefits that Cashbook offers. 
Cashbook Vlog Series – Episode 17

In the latest episode, Greg is on a business trip around Southeast Asia, and the first stop is Thailand. Greg discusses the worldwide issues that our customers face when automating Cash. The flexibility of the Cashbook product is key to addressing the issues around payment terms, payment types, multi-country and multi-currency customers. 
Cashbook Vlog Series – Episode 16

In the latest episode, Greg introduces Michael Twomey, Marketing Manager, and they talk about what users and partners can expect at Cashbook Rising 2018. Rising is Cashbooks user event in Washington D.C. on the 27/28th September. 
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