Automate complex financial processes.

Transform your finance department

Tailored software built to streamline and automate financial processes for companies with high-volume transactions. Proven to increase cash flow, eliminate manual processes, reduce DSO, and improve cash visibility. 

Our software has been integrated with 16 different ERPs. Cashbook have a 20-year history of successful Infor ERP integrations, with specific, deep expertise in XA/MAPICS, BPCS/LX, and M3 solutions. A team of experts with the knowledge and understanding of accounting practices across key industries such as manufacturing, food & beverage, automotive, retail, and many others.  

Trusted, tailored cash application, bank reconciliation, deductions, collections and accounts payable software, powered by a seamless integration between banks and ERP’s. Proven solutions, from a team of cashflow specialists, automating complex financial processes and completely transforming your finance department. 

Cash Application Automation

Streamline the accounts receivable process. Significantly reduce DSO. Remittances will be auto-matched against open invoices and bank statements. Automate your general ledger postings for miscellaneous banking charges or transfers. Automate your deductions in your ERP system with auto-coding based upon configurable rules. Eliminate bank lockbox key stroke charges & make checks & remittance images available to users. Make a seamless integration between banks and ERP’s a reality.

Collections Management Software

One central hub to log all notes, see lockbox images, eliminate deductions and add attachments with real-time information. Intelligent software forecasts payments based on historical performance, highlights overdue accounts and automatically creates user-defined dunning letters. Expect higher collections efficiency and expect your companies DSO to plummet.
Man using laptop - Modernise collections management with ar collections automation

Deductions Management Software

Revenue and profits are lost in the deductions processes. Deductions are claimed by large and small companies with customer specific codes and reasons. Adapt deduction management to any bank file or remittance format and route deductions for speedy review and approvals. Create reason and deduction codes directly from remittance data, regardless of ERP. Automate the deductions process and recover more revenue from deductions than ever before.

Accounts Payable Automation

A single, global solution for automating payments, regardless of ERP, bank or location. Automated payment file creation and outbound remittance, with full approval process for all payment runs and secure vendor bank account management. Cashbook auto-updates the accounts payable subledger and general ledger postings, and allows for multiple remittance formats including email, PDF, and QR codes.
Woman using laptop - Reduce time by 50% with AP automation. Accounts Payable automation software allows one standard payments platform for all locations, banks and currencies.

Bank Reconciliation Automation

Automate reconciliations between bank statements and general ledger data. Cashbook’s sophisticated matching rules fully automate bank and credit card statements. Auto-create general ledger entries and use tolerance based write-offs. One central, reliable, trusted software platform powering bank reconciliation automation.
Man using laptop - Automate 95% of your bank reconciliation while reducing workload by 50% with our Bank Reconciliation software.
Featured Industries
Selected industries that use our cash automation software.

Enjoy new functionality and capabilities

With Cashbook cash management solutions your processes will become automated and streamlined. Complex cash management processes are simplified and your manual workload is reduced. The intelligence of the Cashbook solution will enable you to perform tasks which were previously impossible, like implementing a shared service centre regardless of the number of ERP’s involved.

It’s simple. With Cashbook cash management solutions, you can do more with less. Scale more easily. Enjoy a stream of ongoing updates so your functionality and capabilities continue to advance.


We offer significantly enhanced algorithms to world leading ERP systems. Our automation is configurable specifically to your business requirements. What’s more we measure our automation improvements giving our users rock-solid business outcomes.


Cashbook offers Excel exports, notes, email and workflow capabilities that are not in ERP packages. Our software out-of-the-box will empower your users with additional capabilities in weeks. You owe it to your teams to give them the best tool for bank statement processing, electronic payments and reconciliation


Having a Cashbook means all cash both inbound and outbound is recorded in one central location. Don’t try splitting your bank account into accounts receivable, accounts payable and general ledger only transactions. Let Cashbook facilitate all transactions centrally. We track by day, week, month all bank account movements with user logging.

A Global Solution
Banks integrated
Languages supported
Countries implemented

Cashbook has played a pivotal role in the setting up of our finance shared service centre in Poland. 

The implementation was carried out in a professional manner, and today we are benefiting from many business process efficiencies from using their Cash App, Bank Rec, and Electronic Payments technology.

Jean-Luc Gilon
Senior Project Manager EMEA region, A. Schulman.
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