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Top 10: Favourite Cash Flow Quotes from Cashbook

At Cashbook we have been helping clients in multiple industries with increasing their cash flows. We are experts in the cash automation software industry. We know how important cash flow is for survival, sustainability and the growth of an organization. In this article, we are going to take you through our top ten favourite cash flow quotes. “Never take your eyes off the cash flow because it’s the life blood of business.” – Richard Branson. We love this quote from Virgin’s Richard Branson. It’s straight to the point and so […]
Business leaders expect digitalization to transform their industry by 2026

The digitalization of business processes around the world has been happening steadily over the last decade. Converting manual processes, with paper-based records, into fully automated processes with digitized documents has become a trend. Digitalization has accelerated recently and this is nowhere more evident than in the world of finance. As high-volume, time-consuming, repetitive processes – usually completed manually and many with paper records. Reap the most benefit from automation and digitization. The ‘Digital Future of Finance’ Report In the 2021 in ‘The Digital Future of Finance’ report by Gartner: “69% […]
Cashbook Rising 21 is just around the corner

Our user and partner event Cashbook Rising 21 is taking place on the 22nd and 23rd of September 2021. The event is 100% virtual and will be complimentary for all Cashbook customers and partners around the world. Cashbook Rising 21 is just around the corner and excitement is building the closer we get to our user conference. We have seen a huge response from our customers and partners since we opened the event registration. September 22nd will be specifically for everyone that is based in the EMEA region (Europe, Middle […]
Cashbook celebrate 20 years working with Infor XA

History of Infor XA/MAPICS Infor XA is a commercial ERP software that’s mainly used by manufacturing companies to control operations. Developed by IBM back in 1977 it started off life as MAPICS (Manufacturing, Accounting and Production Information Control Systems). All MAPICS code ran only on IBM systems such as IBM 34; 36; 38, and AS/400. IBM sold MAPICS to Marcam in 1993, who split into two companies and in 1997 ‘MAPICS Incorporated’ was formed. MAPICS Inc. grew over the next few years until they were acquired by Infor in 2005. […]
ISO 20022 standard – a new payment language

The ISO 20022 payment messaging standard is widely considered an essential component to revolutionizing the global payments infrastructure. In 2018, we previously wrote about how Canada was changing their payments landscape with ISO 20022. At that time, there were about thirty countries that were implementing the new payment messaging standard around the world. In this article, we take a look to see where it has progressed to over the last three years. How it will help the payments industry, the value it will bring, who will benefit from it and […]
Cashbook transforming existing website with major update

Cashbook have been working hard this year with our web development partner, Maverick International, to bring you a brand-new Cashbook website. Our existing website has undergone a huge transformation and we have made some very exciting changes that we look forward to showing. The whole look and feel of the website will be completely different to the current version. We are now very close to launching our new website and we can’t wait to share it with everyone. Why have we made these changes, and what can you expect to […]
Order2Cash partners with Cashbook to enhance global Order-to-Cash automation

LIMERICK, IRELAND – June 17th, 2021 – Order2Cash, a global leader in order-to-cash automation and optimization solutions, have partnered with Cashbook, the leading technology provider in the space of Cash Application, Accounts Payable and Bank Reconciliation. The partnership will combine the companies’ 40+ years of combined experience at the forefront of Fintech innovation and focus that expertise on a joint push to improve integration, automation and faster reconciliation across the order to cash cycle on a global scale. Order2Cash will implement Cashbook’s intelligent, AI-driven Cash Application and Reconciliation tools into […]
Cashbook Rising 2021 – Virtual User Conference

Save the Date! Cashbook are excited to announce that we are holding Cashbook Rising 2021, our user and partner conference, on the 22nd and 23rd of September this year. Cashbook Rising 2021 will be held virtually and can be attended free of charge by all Cashbook users and partners. Our user conference will be held over two days, the 22nd of September will be specifically for our EMEA clients and 23rd of September will be specifically for our Americas clients. We have scheduled two separate days to provide the most […]
Cashbook partners with Grey Matter for Microsoft Azure

Cashbook has partnered with Microsoft and Grey Matter to release the next generation of our proven cash automation platform on Azure. This partnership is delivering Cashbook in the cloud to our clients at an accelerated pace with all the scalability, reliability and security features expected from a premier cloud services ecosystem. Microsoft Azure has continued to be placed in the Leader square in Gartner’s Magic Quadrant for several years with advanced capabilities in Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS), Platform as a Service (PaaS), hybrid connectivity, Identity & Access Management (IAM) […]
Cashbook cash automation modules used around the world

Cashbook have been implementing cash automation modules worldwide now for almost 20 years. Our Cash Application, Bank Reconciliation and Accounts Payable software is now being used in multiple industries and some very exotic locations. As we know, cash is a universal language and as they say ‘money talks’ in the world of business. Processing cash and maintaining a steady cash flow is essential for every business. There is a huge need for flexible cash automation modules that can be modified to suit any industry, in any language or country with […]
Jim Payne joins Cashbook as System i Vice President Americas

LIMERICK, IRELAND – June 10th, 2021 – Cashbook announced today that Jim Payne has joined the company as System i Vice President Americas.  Jim has huge experience in Fintech with over ten years spent as an IT Manager for two significant organizations in the food and beverage industry. He subsequently spent fourteen years as a Senior Applications Consultant. Jim has huge experience with the Infor XA ERP system and has led multiple client projects to install, integrate and upgrade their ERP applications in multiple industries. This vast industry experience and working […]
Collections Processes – A journey through time

Collections Processes Collections has been around for a very long time.  Longer even than money itself. It started off as a verbal promise to pay a debt, and later on that debt was recorded on paper. It subsequently evolved to being a data entry on a computer. Today, that data has evolved to a level where it’s used to predict: when a debt will be settled, when is the best time to call someone, when it will become past-due or a delinquent account. Technology has helped with this huge evolution […]
Next Steps in Cashbook Data Extraction Techniques

Robotic Process Automation (RPA) in Data Extraction Getting the data from a digitized document and having it ready for processing has become a key process in any Cash Management System. This is the case of Cashbook, whose software instances are working in dozens of customers, and they receive a substantial flow of documents (especially in Lockbox format, but also in formats like CSV, MT940, EDI, etc.) that need to be processed at the right time. At the beginning of the process, those documents are unknown, particularly in the case of […]
Cashbook are launching a brand new fintech podcast

Cashbook are launching a new fintech podcast which will be focused on a wide variety of fintech related topics. This podcast will be educational in nature and seek to break down the barriers to specific financial topics and processes that may seem complex in the world of fintech. Cashbook will be exploring topics related to our core knowledge and experience of cash automation but also topics from other areas which are popular within the fintech industry. The new podcast will be presented by Greg Coulter, CEO, and David Rushe, Global […]
Cashbook announce partnership and sponsorship with the ICTF

Cashbook are excited to announce our new partnership with and sponsorship of the International Credit and Trade Professionals (ICTF). Who is the ICTF? The International Credit and Trade Professionals or the ICTF as they are more commonly known, are a flagbearer for all credit professionals around the world. They provide education, training, collaboration, resources, certification, benchmarking and reporting on all the latest international best credit practices. The ICTF also hold annual conferences in North America and Europe where members can keep up to date with the latest credit news. ICTF […]
Cashbook supporting the re-development of local sports club Lisnagry

Cashbook are always looking to support local initiatives and organizations that directly contribute to the health and welfare of the local community in Limerick, Ireland. Due to the current ongoing pandemic, it has been very difficult for local sports clubs to stay going under the strict government restrictions around Covid-19. During our enforced lockdown’s there were limited training sessions and matches allowed to take place. This has been very tough for the many children and young adults that depend on sport as a way to stay fit, both physically and […]
The growth in B2B E-commerce and the rise of deductions

Rise of the B2B E-commerce sector. Over the last few years, business-to-business (B2B) e-commerce has been changing rapidly. This was greatly accelerated last year due to the pandemic. Many companies were forced to do business online, and had to adapt their business model or suffer huge profit losses. Selling through their own websites was a fresh challenge for many. Selling via 3rd party online retailers was also essential to develop new sales opportunities and hold their business. Online Marketplaces Online marketplaces such as Amazon, eBay, and Alibaba have conquered the […]
Mary O’Brien starts new role as Chief Product Officer of Cashbook

LIMERICK, IRELAND – January 15th, 2020 – Cashbook announced today that Mary O’Brien has been named the new Chief Product Officer, overseeing the company’s product development. In this role she will lead Cashbook in designing new product capabilities to enhance Cashbook’s capabilities in cash application, deduction management, bank reconciliation and electronic payments. Mary started this new role on January 15th, 2021 and will be based in Cashbook’s HQ in Limerick, Ireland. Mary most recently served as USA Director running support & implementations out of Chicago for the last four years. She […]
Deductions Management in Cashbook

Deductions are a huge problem for many businesses. Imagine losing 5-10% of your business to deduction claims. For some companies those deduction costs can run into the millions of dollars. For many years, Cashbook has helped companies set-up deductions on their systems for review and analysis. We auto-generated and auto-coded thousands of customer deductions. Saving our customers thousands of hours of tedious work. Once these were analyzed, we once again became involved in the clearing & writing-off of deductions. Deductions Management Automation Recently our customers and interested parties have challenged […]
Cashbook Staff Photo Competition 2020

Earlier this year we done a feature on what our staff had been getting up to during lockdown in Ireland. That feature unearthed some hidden talents amongst us, we discovered some secret gardeners, oil painters and D-I-Y experts. So, we decided that the time was right to launch the inaugural Cashbook Staff Photo Competition 2020. We were looking for any type of photography – scenic, abstract, architectural, still life, or even pictures of pets! All of our staff are very well travelled and have been to all corners of the […]
Processing PayPal Remittance files for Multiple Business Units

PayPal has been around since the late 90’s and impressively was the most used method of secure payment for online shoppers in the last 12 months. PayPal has over 300 million active users worldwide, and 87.5% of all online shoppers have used PayPal. The three main users by country are the US (44%), Germany (18%) and the UK (14%). Its usage has increased dramatically in 2020, as more individuals, both businesses and consumers alike, were forced to conduct business online. PayPal Remittance Files When a consumer purchases a product online […]
A very different Christmas in Ireland 2020

Christmas is always a very special holiday in Ireland. The time of year, where people make a determined effort to return home and see their loved ones. Priceless memories are created through spending quality time with family and friends, precious memories that last a lifetime. Many Irish family members who have emigrated to the UK, Australia and the United States return “home”. They mark the dates on their calendar at the turn of each year, for a week or two in December, when they get to return to their homeland. […]
Check stock is dead, long live the 3rd Party Check

To borrow from the great Mark Twain, reports of the demise of the check are greatly exaggerated. This payment instrument continues to enjoy immense popularity. Especially in North America within the Small to Medium Business (SMB) and Business to Consumer (B2C) sectors. However, it’s true that digital is the future. The payments landscape will continue to shift toward digital payments, as service providers continue to innovate and make it easier and cheaper to go digital. However, the humble check has also benefitted from innovation even as it continues to lose […]
Trinity Industries moves to the web version of Cashbook

Headquartered in Dallas, Texas, Trinity Industries, Inc. is a premier provider of railcar products and services in North America that markets its business under the brand name TrinityRail®.  TrinityRail subsidiaries in Mexico have been using Cashbook for the last 2 years to automate their Cash Application process. Trinity went live in September with Cashbook V6, the new cloud-native version of Cashbook. This new version includes an improved user interface and workflow to enhance the user experience. As it is accessed by browser, V6 is equally at home hosted on-premise or […]
Large shift towards Cash Automation software

Over the last few months, there have been huge challenges for businesses and industries all over the world. A few industries have been lucky enough to see profits increase and business soar. However, the majority of companies have experienced temporary closures, fall in production, decrease in revenues, and sadly enforced staff reductions. Pressure on finance departments to achieve goals faster There is huge pressure on finance teams to complete their tasks quicker than ever before. There is now an urgency to improve cash flow within organisations, to help in planning […]
Cashbook and AWS, Azure and Google Cloud Platform

There are three main players when it comes to cloud infrastructure today: Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud Platform (GCP). However, there is one clear leader who has the same market share as it’s three closest rivals combined – AWS. This was mainly due to Amazon’s early diversification into public cloud services, a near seven-year head start on its rivals. Their growth in this space has been relentless. Recent figures below show that by the end of Q2 in 2020, AWS held 33% of the public cloud […]
Cashbook partner with Sidetrade for full Order-to-Cash automation

Cashbook and Sidetrade have partnered to combine their expertise in the Order-to-Cash area for the next generation of finance automation technology. This partnership merges Cashbook’s 20+ years of cash allocation automation experience with Sidetrade’s 20+ years in the credit and collections arena. Sidetrade, a Euronext-listed company with €30m+ in annual revenues, has made the combined solution available on its AI-enhanced Augmented Cash platform. This will enable customers to rapidly meet their business needs and tackle the evolving financial challenges presented in the new working environment. The Order-to-Cash automation efficiencies from […]
Bank Rec automation improves cash position and cash flow

Cash is the lifeblood of any business, if cash dries up then a company will eventually die. Bank reconciliations (bank rec) are hugely important in maintaining internal control along with a steady and consistent cash flow. Cash flow is separate from cash position, as having cash on hand is important but cash flow indicates an ongoing ability to generate and use cash. Having a strong cash position and a positive cash flow are common company financial goals. A company will process a bank rec at least once every month, in […]
Three Key Challenges of Bank Reconciliation

As we know, a successful bank reconciliation (bank rec) is very hard to achieve for any company. Especially when the bank rec is done manually, there are multiple challenges and roadblocks that stand in the way of a successful completion. Bank recs are a very useful financial control tool, which are used to identify any issues within the company financials. They can highlight any fraudulent activities, by showing differences between bank balances and company ledger balances. We are now going to discuss the three key challenges of bank reconciliation. 3 […]
Cashbook staff show hidden talents on lockdown in Ireland

Ireland enters lockdown In this article, we take a look at what Cashbook staff have been getting up to during lockdown. To give some background, Ireland and its people have been on lockdown since March 12th. When Prime Minister, Leo Varadkar, announced that we were going into lockdown for two weeks. On March 27th it was announced that Ireland was going into full lockdown mode for another two weeks. All schools, sports, restaurants, pubs, cafés, and non-essential shops and services were forced to close. On April 10th the lockdown was […]
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