Automated Cash Application Software Tool

Automate 95% of cash application. Reduce DSO by 5 days.

Streamline the accounts receivable process. Significantly reduce DSO. Remittances will be auto-matched against open invoices and bank statements. Automate your general ledger postings for miscellaneous banking charges or transfers. Automate your deductions in your ERP system with auto-coding based upon configurable rules. Eliminate bank lockbox key stroke charges & make checks & remittance images available to users. Make a seamless integration between banks and ERP’s a reality.


The Cashbook cash application automation module streamlines the full accounts receivable process. This includes the automation of bank statements, lockboxes, customer remittances, customer portals, deductions, and email remittances. Remittance transactions are auto-matched against all your open invoices and the cash on your bank statements. Cashbook has a fully automated transaction process that subsequently updates your general ledger. Achieve a significant improvement in your overall cash visibility, with one of the leading cash application software companies on the market today.

  • Cashbook’s automated cash application software achieves exceptionally high levels of invoice automation.
  • Our solution completely eliminates expensive bank lockbox key stroke charges.
  • By using our cash app software, you will achieve a significant reduction in your days sales outstanding (DSO) figure.
  • Our highly useful cash application tools automate the customer portal and deductions processes, saving you countless hours and thousands of lost revenues.

A Global Solution

Multi-bank, multi-ERP, and multi-industry

Cashbook’s cash application automation software is used in various industries all over the world. We have integrated our cash app software with multiple banking formats and numerous ERP systems. The huge experience that we bring, means you will have a quick and seamless integration with our software. Most of the financial problems you may have, will most likely have been solved and automated by us previously.

Intelligence & Automation

An unprecedented level of flexibility, intelligence and automation

Our cash application software streamlines the full accounts receivable process. Cashbook has over twenty years supplying cash application software around the world. Our software is flexible enough to automate multiple remittance file types including: Excel files, EDI files, Credit Card files, PDF’s, Web portal files, Image-based files, Text information in the body of the email, and emails with attachments. Our intelligent and powerful matching algorithms means that you will achieve industry-leading levels of cash application automation.

Improved Financial Control

Full, real time visibility and a complete audit trail

Automated cash application software brings huge benefits to an organization. It enhances cash visibility, cash position and leads to improvements in company cash flows. Keeping you ahead of the curve and contributing to the projected growth of the company. Having everything processed on Cashbook means a full audit trail, all stored safe and secure. There are date & time stamps displayed for each step, and the identity of each user who took the actions. Bringing you peace of mind when it’s time for the company audit.

Featured Industries
Selected industries that use our cash automation software.

Cashbook has great two-way integration with our JDE E1 environment.

We use their product to upload bank Lockbox images and once the customer/bank account relationship is initialized, Cashbook automatically identifies the customer going forward. We then go through a process of creating templates of the check remittance for each customer, which allows Cashbook to extract invoice data by way of their OCR functionality for auto-matching to our open invoices. Overall, Cashbook has listened to our needs and significantly improved the efficiency of our Cash Application processes.

Greg Sekula
Accounting Manager, Alamo Group.


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