Bank Statement Automation

Automate up to 98% of bank statement processing. Any statement, any bank, any ERP, any country. Reduce manual work. Move your people to higher-value activities.

Module Features: Bank Statement Automation

True Integration

Automated bank statement processing, regardless of country, ERP or bank.

This module enables standard bank statement upload process regardless of bank, currency or ERP system. Such integration brings huge efficiencies and massive cost savings as global companies can now employ a single solution across multiple sites and banks. Furthermore, our software gives companies the ability to run shared service centres without the need for a common ERP platform or version updates.

Greater Control

A clear window from which to observe your bank statement processing

This module delivers a smoother approval process, ensuring excellent workflow. Useful control features include: extensive security and company controls and a robust report and audit facility. Overall, the module significantly reduces manual work involved in bank statement processing, allowing you to re-allocate resources to higher-value activities.

Advanced Intelligence

Powering an unprecedented level of automation; massively reducing manual entry

Cashbook’s Bank Statement software module supports algorithms across customer numbers, invoices, sales orders, customer bank accounts, packing numbers, customer purchase orders, shipment numbers and bank codes. It has the flexibility to cater for partial payments, credit/debit notes, unallocated payments, multiple discount terms, foreign exchange gain or losses, automatic write-offs, bank charges and suspense account postings.

The module supports the upload of EDI or excel customer remittances into the bank statement from an external source with auto-matching already completed. It uses MT940 Bank transaction codes to automate transaction posting. Functionality to integrate with Excel, Customer Lockbox Modules and Bank Reconciliation which enables usage with high and low volume customers. Stores and uses IBAN numbers to recognise customer numbers automatically.

Cashbook provides the ability to view the bank statement data from an individual bank statement line so you can see the actual bank statement image when applying cash. You can also easily find customer remittance files for auto-applying cash. Our software facilitates 100% auto-matching for bank reconciliation through auto-stamping of transactions.


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Automate up to 98% of cash application processes.
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