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Massively reduce manual work

A more streamlined deductions management process with less manual input

Let technology do the work!

One total deduction eliminating multiple, smaller amounts. Cashbook’s deductions software module can adapt to any bank file or customer remittance format.

Features of Deductions Software Module

Bank & ERP Integration

Powering an unprecedented level of deductions management automation

Our Deductions Automation module provides extra capability within our cash application software. Users can easily create deductions with reason and deduction codes directly from remittance data for all ERP systems. What’s more, it can be adapted to any bank file or customer remittance format.

Advanced Intelligence

Specific deductions management functionality facilitating more automation than ever before

Cashbook algorithms automatically assign deductions codes based on references. Assigning these deduction codes at cash application stage means that they can be fed into the AR Ledger when posting cash, thus eliminating the need for the credit collections or deductions management team to manually work with each deduction before they can follow it up. Our algorithms are configurable within Cashbook, so if customers change their references, the Cashbook deductions software module itself does not require any additional programming changes.

Deduction bundling ensures that any deductions that fall within specified criteria are bundled to one total deduction and then posted to the customer account, eliminating large volume, small deductions. Different bundling rules can be defined for different ‘bill-to’ customers.

Greater Financial Control

A clearer window into deductions

Cashbook’s ability to automatically assign deductions types significantly decreases the “unknown” items.

Deduction bundling ensures that you have a clearer picture of the total deductions figure outstanding to you. Cashbook retains the original created deductions (prior to bundling) in its transaction history, so that the source of the “bundled deduction” that hits the customer account can be traced back to Cashbook and even back to the original EDI.


How progressive companies are automating 80% of deductions and unlocking trapped capital.


Whatever your ERP we’ll fire up its Cash Management engine.
Enjoy an incredible level of automation, functionality and control.

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