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Our partnerships are not about technology. They are about business.

Over the past 20 years, Cashbook has forged strategic partnerships with industry leading technology providers to broaden the capabilities of our platform and to better serve our client’s needs. Whatever the ERP, bank or market, Cashbook is committed to strengthening the financial operations of our clients and delivering return on investment.

Featured Partners

  • Infor


    Cashbook have been a Global Solution Partner of Infor since 2010. We’ve been working with BPCS customers since 1992 and have been a global BPCS/LX partner since 2010. In 2004, we began working with organisations who use XA, while we’re now also proven System21 compatible solution. We’re helping each achieve spectacular levels of automation in Cash Application, Accounts Payable and Bank Reconciliation.

  • VersaPay

    In 2019, Cashbook became partners with VersaPay who are based in Toronto, Canada. VersaPay is a leading provider of cloud-based Accounts Receivable solutions. From invoice presentment and payment, through to collection and cash application automation, VersaPay helps companies improve their customer experience and get paid faster.

  • oracle


    Since 2009, we have been helping organisations who use JDE to achieve spectacular levels of automation in Cash Application, Accounts Payable and Bank Reconciliation. We have been Oracle business partners since 2010 with a proven JDE World and EnterpriseOne solution. Get the capability and features to empower your finance department like never before.

  • SAP


    Since 2001 we have provided cash management solutions to SAP clients. We work with SAPRO, certified SAP developers and Cforia who have a certified SAP Connector since 2010.

    Cashbook is a proven technology, from a highly specialist provider that’s driving significant progress and value for Fortune 1000’s companies in 25+ countries for 10+ years in a variety of sectors.

  • iCore

    Cashbook have started a partnership with iCore who are based in the Nordics region of Europe. iCore are a leading provider of business integration solutions, tools and expertise. They help companies connect their systems and applications, take control of their business processes, and make better use of their data. This partnership will bring increased value to our shared customers, and help them discover the huge benefits that Cash automation can bring to their company.

  • smartstream


    We became Infor global banking partners to SmartStream in 2014.

    Cashbook is a proven SmartStream compatible solution that’s been built in cooperation with Infor Product management and Smart Solutions who are agents for SmartStream. Smart Solutions have 15+ years of experience implementing and supporting SmartStream clients.

  • smart solutions international

    Smart Solutions International

    Smart Solutions International integrates Infor technologies that manage the entire financial value chain from back office transactions to process management to the monitoring, measuring, and control of corporate performance.

    The Cashbook and Smart Solutions partnership is designed to deliver value to SmartStream customers through proven technology in the financial services and financial management industries.

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  • NACM
  • ICTF
  • JDE Tips
  • Credit Research Foundation

We’re always interested in talking to others, especially potential implementation partners, ERP providers, banks and other technology providers in the transaction automation space.

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