Achieve an unprecedented level of transaction automation with System21

Since 2010 when we became Infor global banking partners to System21 we have had a strong banking integration offering for all S21 clients.

Proven S21 solution

Cashbook is a proven, S21 compatible solution, that’s been built in cooperation with Infor Product management to provide additional, complimentary banking capabilities.

Versions Supported

  • System21 Aurora
  • System21 All Versions

Functionality & Files

  • Automated Cash Application:
    We directly read customer tables SLP99 and Invoice tables from System i tables and libraries.  Our banking integration includes SEPA Direct Debits and SEPA Mandates.  We post into S21 via Cash Management modules. We also offer AR Remittance Automation for large customers receiving cash from a multitude of customers.
  • Automated Accounts Payable:
    We offer BACSTEL-IP, SEPA, ACH capability for a variety of clients running S21 on a multitude of platforms. Our integration is direct to S21 payment batches.
  • Automated Bank Reconciliation:
    Cashbook can look directly at GL data extracted from S21 and reconcile this data with our 200+ bank statements. 

Our S21 Customers

We’re working for 5+ years with enterprises who use S21, from a variety of sectors.

S21 clients include: Douwe Egberts, Greencore, HFP

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