Achieve an unprecedented level of transaction automation with M3

Infor M3 is designed for medium to large global manufacturers, distributors, and after-sales service providers – delivering flexibility to manage mixed-mode and complex value chains. Cashbook help organisations who use M3 to achieve spectacular levels of automation in Cash Application, Accounts Payable and Bank Reconciliation.

Bolt-on M3 solution

Here at Cashbook, we are experts at rapidly integrating with multiple ERP platforms. Cashbook is a bolt-on M3 software solution that sits between M3 and your bank. Cashbook software supercharges your financial automation capability.

Versions Supported

  • M3 13
  • M3 12

Functionality & Files

  • Automated Cash Application:

To directly update the M3 Accounts Receivable and General Ledger. Cashbook populates the M3 FCR040 work file. We use the M3 GLS037 program to process the Cashbook transactions from the FCR040 work file into M3 Accounts Receivable FSLEDG, and to update the General Ledger FGLEDG. In using the M3 GLS037 program to update the M3 sub-ledgers it means the Cashbook transactions in FCR040 are validated before posting into the sub-ledgers.

  • Automated Accounts Payable:

To automate your Accounts Payable for M3, we would import the open vendor AP invoices into Cashbook from FSLEDG. We would then apply payments against these invoices in Cashbook. Subsequently applying the payments to the M3 sub-ledgers, we create the payment file, you review it and then send to your bank.

  • Automated Bank Reconciliation:

To automate the Bank Reconciliation process for M3, Cashbook would take the General Ledger data from FGLEDG. Then, your bank statements would be automatically imported into Cashbook. Data from your General Ledger is compared directly to your bank statements and auto-matching takes place. Any exceptions can be manually processed as write-offs or carried forward to the following month. Reconciliations can be done on a daily, weekly or monthly basis.

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