A smooth transition led by a seasoned professional team.

Fully planned and managed implementation following a proven process.

Efficient, smooth implementation is a crucial component of the cash management software solution we deliver. With military precision we painstakingly plan and execute each cash management software implementation. Your Cashbook Implementation Manager will work with you from initial scoping, through installation, to final testing and go live. They’ll also visit one month post live, to ensure all is working exactly as intended within your cash management software solution.

Cash management software implementation encompasses installation, setup, testing, training, user testing and sign-off. Your Cashbook Implementation Manager will direct the project and work closely with your finance and IT teams. The Cashbook team spend in the region of 15 to 30 man days on each implementation. On average, cash management software implementations take about 3 months, some as little as 6 weeks and global roll-outs can take up to 6 months.  

Architecture of Cashbook Software

Below is the typical Cashbook Architecture that we use. However, this may vary for different ERP systems.

Cashbook Security Framework

Cashbook implement a range of security measures across multiple locations and touchpoints, including: databases, data transmission, Cashbook access and customer security.


Comprehensive user guides

We provide comprehensive User Guides so that you can immediately get answers to any of your questions regarding your cash management software solution.  

Responsive support team

The financial and IT teams we support require fast, competent support. Our clients have the peace of mind that such a support team is on call to address any of their cash management software issues. We help via phone, email, online through GoTo Assist and when necessary with a site visit.  

Fast, competent assistance

We work hard to build robust, intuitive software, to complete meticulous implementations and to ensure all are completely comfortable with the system. So, post live, our customers tend to need very light support. When they do our expert team are there to help.



We install Cashbook cash management software on servers required for your project. As a guide, this works takes approximately 4 to 8 man hours to complete, so it’s all done in one day.

System requirements for installing Cashbook software


Initial Set-Up

All company, bank and bank account details are gathered including opening bank balances and each bank account’s general ledger control account balance. As a guide, this step takes approximately 8 man hours to complete, usually over 1 to 2 days.


Hot Folders

We set the network destination for the files that will feed into Cashbook’s cash management software, set-up the necessary automated file upload and download functions and then test. 1 to 2 days to complete.


Payment Files

We configure and test various formats e.g. ACH, SEPA, BACS, creating a variety of test files with your data. Some unique formats may require extra configuration and testing, particularly if your banking provider cannot provide a sample file and specification in English. This stage of our cash management software set-up takes about 3 days per format.

Cashbook security framework


Load Bank Account Details

Uploading all your vendor bank accounts detail to Cashbook cash management software for Electronic Payment set-up and/or all your customer bank account details for Direct Debit set-up. Usually 1 day.


Email Remittances to Vendors

Working with your IT team we set the system to automatically email remittance information to vendors. We set-up in a test mode, when complete we replicate the work in your Cashbook production environment. About 2 to 4 days work.


Lockbox/Bank Statement File Uploads

We set-up the automatic uploading of lockbox files and bank statements to your Cashbook cash management software. We set-up the relevant algorithms and tweak matching rules until they meet your exact requirements. Takes 1 to 2 days to complete the upload work, another 3 days for setting up the algorithms in a test environment and roughly 2 days for the deployment in your live environment. Additional algorithms can be developed for your cash management solution if required, for specific customer requirements, however Cashbook has an extensive library of configurable algorithms.


Customer Remittance File Uploads

We set-up the automatic uploading of Customer Remittance files to your Cashbook cash management software solution. We set-up the relevant algorithms and tweak matching rules until they meet your exact requirements (we show you how you can tweak your own algorithms). Takes 1 to 2 hours for an Excel file, 2 to 5 days for EDI file uploads, and roughly 2 days for deployment in your live environment.


Opening Items for Bank Reconciliation

When working on bank reconciliation projects we upload outstanding cheques into your reconciliation to cater for timing differences. This is a straightforward process where the opening items are already clearly identified.


Posting to your ERP

A key component of our testing is that Cashbook successfully updates and pays your AR and/or AP invoices and then correctly posts to your ERP platform. The methodology we use depends on your ERP, see our ERP section for more detail. It’s a crucial phase of every project; we’ll test and tweak, re-test and re-tweak until all is working 100%. Takes roughly 5 to 15 days to complete.



Cashbook cash management software is powerful but at the same time is easy to use. With minimal training all users can be up to speed. All training is completed using your own data and processes so your team are ready to go on your live date. Usually takes just 1 to 2 days to ensure everyone is sufficiently trained.


Testing/Conference Room Pilot

Your Cashbook Implementation Manager will oversee a rigorous testing process. Moving the project through Development, Quality Assurance and finally to the Production environment. Time required very much depends on the set-up but would vary from 3 days to as many as 15.


Go Live & Post Go-Live

A crucial step is ensuring a smooth switch-over from your old processes to your new Cashbook cash management software system. We document the steps required and remain onsite to supervise and assist with the initial use. We ensure your project gets off to a great start. After a month of successful processing we like to schedule a follow-up visit to ensure you’re getting full value from your cash management solution and that all is working exactly as intended. We often find that these visits help squeeze a further 10-15% productivity improvement as all see how to make full use of Cashbook’s cash management software capabilities.

A big time saver for our business and we appreciate the continued support. Thanks again for your help.

Rene Stasiak, AR Controller,Atlas Copco CMT USA – Customer since 2005  
Installation (for On-premise or Private Cloud)

Database & File Server

– 4 CPU cores
– 32GB Ram
– 500GB Disk
– Windows Server 2019 or greater
– SQL Server 2017 or greater

Application Server

– 4 CPU cores
– 32GB Ram (dependent on number of concurrent users)
– 100GB Disk
– Windows Server 2019 or greater
– Java
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