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Any ERP System. One Proven Solution.

A proven, genuine, ERP independent solution.

Since 1992 we have been helping organisations achieve spectacular levels of automation in Cash Application, Accounts Payable and Bank Reconciliation. Our blend of finance and technology expertise has allowed us to develop a proven solution that works across any ERP. Today, we integrate with ERP’s around the world, including BPCS, JDEdwards, SAP, System21, Smartstream, BAAN, XA, Sage, Oracle and many more. A genuine, ERP independent solution providing our clients with more automation, functionality and control of their cash management system.

An agile, nimble solution.

Many companies running SAP, Oracle and large tier one solutions believe the hype that their ERP systems can cover every eventuality in their cash processing requirements. Unfortunately, it’s not that straight forward. Instead, Cashbook acts as the interface between our customers’ banks and their ERP’s. Cashbook is nimble, with new algorithms added to our product in weeks not years.  Don’t buy the hype about the next ERP release resolving a specific cash processing issue, the ERP ship is a slow turning goliath compared to our agile, nimble solution.

Avoid large scale, costly ERP transformations.

Large corporations dream of a single ERP system running one version of software. But how realistic is this objective? CEO’s can quickly buy and sell businesses, while ERP implementations take years to complete. It’s simply unrealistic to attempt massive, large scale ERP transformations with the goal of achieving a common platform for your Shared Service Centre. Instead, let Cashbook sit on top of your current system and allow the ERP platform to continue to do what it does without costly and time consuming tinkering or modification.

One solution consolidating multiple ERP’s.

Cashbook’s solution has also been proven to work when clients have multiple, diverse ERP systems across their organisation. Consolidating these organisation wide, detached ERP systems is a massive financial burden but without this consolidation, there can be no shared service centre. Now, there’s no longer a need for the huge financial, personnel or time investment that goes hand in hand with establishing one single ERP system across an organisation.

 A Central Banking Hub for all bank transactions.

Regardless of the number of ERP’s involved, Cashbook’s solution allows our clients to have one central system holding all their accounts receivable, accounts payable and bank reconciliation data. One central hub, facilitating a shared service centre at a fraction of the cost of attempting to merge multiple, disparate ERP systems into one. A tried and tested solution proven to work across multiple languages, currencies and locations. A better way.


Cashbook & ERP Integration


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Whatever your ERP, we’ll fire up its Cash Management engine.
Enjoy an incredible level of automation, functionality and control.

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